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Night. Water. Silhouette of a person. Phone room. Paula is calling someone. I wonder who it is? Ah, it's Abusive Boyfriend Keith! She cries to Keith that when Keith comes to visit, he isn't allowed to stay at the house. He asks why. She says it's too much of a "liability." Damn, that's fucked up. They let random fucking skank hos stay over, but her boyfriend can't. That says something about a person, right there, if B/M is worried about his presence.

Svet watches from the door and then goes to Tyler, reporting what's going down; Paula keeps saying that she wanted to sleep next to Keith and that she "needed that." Tyler then says that he doesn't feel comfortable having Keith there, moving on to randomly talking about how Keith is buying Paula gifts and how "easy" is that? They discuss abusive boyfriends, and Tyler wonders if Svet has ever talked to Paula about the abuse. Turns out Tyler didn't know that Paula was put in the hospital and that Keith was arrested. "Whoa!" shouts Tyler, orange face flabbergasted. Tyler camera-Garfields that now he really doesn't want Keith staying in the house, and neither should anyone.

Back to phone room. Keith says he understands. "Well, I don't!" Paula cries, saying that was the "one thing" she needed and the one thing she was looking forward to, her bony back heaving. Keith says that he's disappointed too, but that he can't get mad about it because ultimately it's his fault. Paula busts out a great line: "Yeah, but I'm always punished for 'your fault.'" She camera-scabs that she "absolutely" doesn't think Keith would ever hurt her again, but acknowledges that other people do worry about that. She cries to Keith, totally having a meltdown, saying she doesn't even care that he's coming anymore because "that" was the one thing she wanted -- to be next to him. She weeps. I giggle. Commercials.

Paula still weeps on the phone. Tyler and Svet still dish about her. Svet camera-boobs that she believes Paula that Keith has changed a lot, and trusts Paula to know what's right for her. A sad girl song plays. Paula cries. Keith loves Paula and is very sorry and he has to live with what he did: "Okay? All right baby. Bye." They hang up. More girly sad piano. Paula sniffles her way upstairs. "Poor Paula," says Tyler, insincerely.

Svet goes upstairs to talk to Paula, who whines that nothing is her fault but that it always happens "to" her. Svet wisely(?) tells her not to do that. "Don't 'lose,'" Svet self-helps. Svet says that once Keith comes, Paula will be so happy that he's there, she won't worry about the disappointment of not being able to sleep in his abusive arms. "Do you want to go put a pretty face on?" asks Svet. There's a store where you can buy pretty faces? Sweet.

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