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Dusk. Statue. Staircase. Ocean. Tyler sits on the deck with Jose, talking about John.

FORD! The other kids ride. Svet tells John what Tyler said about him. John says that Tyler would never approach him with problems. Svet quickly asks if it's bad that she told him. John, of course, says no. Paula rolls her eyes, like, yes, it is. Or, she's incredibly hungry and needs a crust of bread. John camera-talks about Tyler, where does he come off, etc., etc.

Meanwhile. Deck. Tyler says he learns from watching John how obnoxious he himself might come across; he learns from John's mistakes about the dangers of Diva-tude.

FORD! They talk about Tyler thinking he's better than John. John wants to badger Tyler into confronting John about how he feels. Commercials.

Day. House. Paula opens a box. (Heh.) It's a, it's a manipu-package from Keith, containing her favorite nuts. (Heh.) There are also douchey photos of Keith and Paula (to remind her of the times they spent together when she wasn't in traction), and a bottle of Cristal. Paula looks at the Cristal and says, "Wait. Wait!" She immediately goes to check on the 'net how much it costs. (It's over two hundo.) The card says that it's for their Grand Opening at the salon, but he can't help adding a little dig -- that she should "share it" with "whoever" she chooses. Paula camera-bones that it was so nice of Keith to be excited for them. Yeah, what a sweetheart with absolutely no ulterior motives.

Paula calls Keith. "Guess what I got?" she asks, laughing. And check it, he immediately says, "You miss me a little now?" Nice. Her baby voice comes back and she reveals something scary and awesome: Keith's coming to visit! Yes! Paula informs us that she hopes her roommates will be happy for her and think that he's a good choice for her as long as they keep moving forward in a good direction (i.e.: he doesn't bitchslap her every time she forgets to cap the toothpaste). Baby voice. Baby voice.

House. Tennis court. Water. People in water. Sunset. House. Night. Tyler whispers to Jose tha Svet told John all about his shit-talking, so he's going to get back at her. Svet comes in and asks to use the computer. Tyler starts acting overly nice, saying that he's "totally" done with the computer and commenting on how sexy she looks. This makes her happy. Tyler and Jose walk out. "Revenge is fun," says Tyler. Jose eats something, popping all kinds of collars. Tyler camera-queens that he's furious with Svet for telling John what he said. Tyler tells Jose that he's plotting. Jose wants to know what he's thinking. Jose loves it. He finally gets a storyline that doesn't involve him having to look at yucky naked girl boobs or get his ass kicked by Janelle. Tyler doesn't know what he'll do, yet. Jose eggs Tyler on. Tyler queens all over the place, his orange joker face scaring my cat. Tyler and Jose whisper. Tyler dubs it "Operation Bitch Takedown."

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