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Previously on...Tyler yelled at people. Keith yelled at Paula. Svet hypothesized that Keith could kill Paula. Maybe -- his MySpace page certainly kills browsers.

Opening. Paula is skinnier that the palm trees. Melanoma.

Water. Sunset. Lightning in the distance. Someone dives off a rock. House. Paula and John lie around. Paula says that seeing the shrink is hard, but that it's forcing her to confront things and to get them "right" this time. John pretends not to be asleep, having taped his eyelids open. John camera-frats that Paula's therapy is a good thing, and that it's starting to cause her to improve herself. Scientologists the world over begin sending angry emails to John. John asks whether Paula's told the doctor about Keith, but she hasn't yet. Yikes. It's been about a year since Keith has tried to fix himself, and Paula realizes that she needs to bring it up with the doctor and figure out if there are some things that are just not forgivable. You know, call me crazy, but I think, in the grand scheme of things, someone putting you in the hospital numerous times...that may just be dealbreaker for me. But that's just me! Paula's somehow-existent cleavage tells us that it means a lot to her to have John ask about this stuff, and actually makes it easier for her to seek help. John makes a joke about Paula being exhausting, and Paula laughs wide. Three teeth fall out due to malnutrition. The super-subtle soundtrack guy finds a song with the lyrics, "Every step's been uncertain. But I'm learning." Sorry you couldn't find a song with the lyrics, "I'm in Key West and I'm going to therapy." Maybe if you dug a little deeper in the bins at Ameoba.

Dr. Covan's front door. Thankfully, we're not allowed in anymore. Montage of Paula driving home from the shrink.

Paula is so healthy that she drives right home and calls Terrible Abusive Keith and reverts immediately to Baby Voice and picks her scabs and tells him that they talked about him at the shrink. "How did that go?" Keith asks. Paula informs Keith that the doctor thinks people can change (not really) and that she just needs to watch for any "signs of anything" (you know, Keith choking or punching her, or anything like that...being hit with a baseball bat, you know...) and let him know that she won't tolerate it. Paula camera-thins that when Dr. Covan gave her the "okay" to see Keith, she was very happy. She goes on to say that she felt, for the first time, like someone really listened. No, you stupid cockslap. You felt for the first time that someone told you what you wanted to hear. There is a big difference.

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