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Previously on The Real World: Adam "rapped" about his family pride and revealed that his father is a member of the Commodores. Mallory confronted Leah in a restaurant, and then Mallory tried to smooth things over later, but Leah couldn't understand why Mallory was so upset.

Eiffel Tower Shot Quarante-Neuf. Simon complains to Adam that CT was wrong. Simon interviews that they were taking a bunch of pictures (publicity shots?), and CT put him in a headlock. Simon says that it actually hurt. Adam agrees that CT was being aggressive, but adds that he thought Simon handled it okay. Simon says he thought Adam or Ace would have told CT to stop being such an idiot. Leah pipes up that she would have said something to CT if she had been there. Simon adds that Ace asked Simon if he was okay after it happened, but that Adam didn't even do that. I think Simon is being a little melodramatic. So CT put him in a headlock. Is it news that CT is kind of a jerk? It doesn't really matter, because the whole Simon thing is dropped shortly, and this just becomes a launching point for Leah, once again, to make it all about herself. Leah says that after Mallory confronted her in Switzerland, Adam and Ace both came up to her to make sure she was okay. Simon says that even though he and Christina were involved, Mallory was the only one talking. I'm not sure what that has to do with anything. Leah says that he could have said something to her at the table. Leah interviews that she has a hard time letting go of things. Oh, really? That's about as new as CT being a jerk.

Leah leaves, and Simon asks Mallory what's wrong. Mallory says she's "flipping ticked right now." Mallory interviews that she hoped Leah would get over it. Mallory tells Simon that Leah takes everything personally and never forgets anything, so Mallory is done trying to make up with her. Simon snuggles up to Mallory, who says that Leah was selfish for bringing her own issues into Simon's problem. Again, is it news that Leah is selfish? This late in the season, it just gets tiresome to see the same issues rehashed again and again. Christina says that Mallory's feelings are hurt.

Leah asks Mallory to talk about it, but Mallory doesn't want to. Leah says that Mallory obviously has a problem with her, but that Mallory chooses to talk about it with Simon and Christina, when it's Leah she has the problem with. I can't imagine why Mallory doesn't want to talk to Leah, when that's been so successful for her in the past. Mallory doesn't understand why Leah brought up the incident again, because it shows that she holds a grudge. Mallory voice-overs that she's losing hope of ever being friends with Leah. Leah asks herself if she wants to be friends with people who talk about her. Mallory says she didn't feel like anything got through to Leah. Leah bitches that she's not five, so Mallory shouldn't talk to her that way. I didn't think Mallory was being condescending, and frankly, Leah does act like she's five. Mallory says she just won't talk about it, then.

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