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Bugging Out

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Bugging Out

Melanie, Landon, and MJ sit around the bar in the kitchen. Melanie reveals that she's got a red, itchy, bumpy rash around her waistband. She wonder what it's from. Landon and MJ have no clue. Melanie overshares that she has similar bumps around her nipples. I never wanted to picture Melanie's nipples, and I definitely don't want to picture them with red bumps around them. Melanie interviews that she thinks it could be an allergic reaction to something she came into contact with when they were pulling weeds at Northern Home. Landon points out that her rash seems to be at points where her clothing creates friction, like her waistband and under her arms. He suggests that she go for a day without underwear or a bra. Melanie laughs at that suggestion. Landon interviews that the bumps look like acne or chicken pox.

A caption tells us that it's three days before the roommates have to do a presentation to the Soul management. The roommates sit in the conference room at a meeting, and Anthony from the Board of Directors says that he wants to see a drawing of the plan for their playground at Northern Home, and he also wants them to make a presentation. Everyone looks worried. Nice of Anthony to give them three days to accomplish all this! Although it's not like the roommates have tons of other obligations taking up their time. Well, except for Melanie scratching her rash. I imagine that takes a few hours out of each day.

Donna from Northern Home has a husband, Chuck, who is a doctor. She takes Melanie to see Dr. Chuck, but the cameras don't get to sit in on the appointment.

Later, Melanie schlumps into the house, looking sad. She finds Landon and MJ in the hot tub, and they ask what's wrong with her. Melanie doesn't want to say, because it's gross. She finally admits that she has scabies! Ew! My best friend and I were talking about this episode after it aired, and she told me that she went to college with a guy they called Stevie D and then he got scabies, so they all called him Scabie D. So from now on, Melanie is Scabie D. It's her rap star name. Landon asks how Melanie contracted the bugs, and Melanie says you can get it from a handshake (which, if you follow the link, you will see is not true). Landon realizes that this means any of the roommates could get it. MJ yells that he shook Melanie's hand yesterday, which cracked me up. MJ interviews that scabies are little bugs, and that he'll freak out if he gets them. MJ and Landon start splashing themselves with water, as if to wash the bugs off of themselves. At this point in the episode, I started feeling itchy all over my body and I almost had to go take a shower just to watch the rest of it. Scabie D half-laughs and half-whines that she feels really gross, and she's not a dirty person. I have to say that this episode made me re-evaluate all of the times that Melanie's hair looked really greasy and matted-down. I thought she was just using too much product, but now I think she doesn't shower that often. Landon laughs and calls Scabie D a "dirty whore." Melanie starts to walk out of the room as Karamo enters and asks what's going on. Landon tells him, and Karamo unconsciously starts scratching his chest as he asks what scabies is. Melanie walks back in and Karamo steps away from her like she has the plague. Hee! MJ dramatically intones, "And that's when I knew...Melanie had scabies." Everyone laughs except Scabie D.

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