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Brian's Song

Previously on The Real World: Steven liked having sex with Trishelle, but didn't want a relationship. Trishelle did, so they decided to stop having sex. Trishelle thought Steven made her look stupid. Did it really take Steven to do that?

Trishelle talks to her friend Brian on the phone and makes dinner plans. In an interview, Trishelle says that she met Brian the first month she was in Vegas (and they've been there...what, like eight months now?), and he's the only person she's invited to visit. Wait, if she met him in Vegas, doesn't he live there? So why does she have to invite him to visit? Brian tells Trishelle that he wants to have at least one night alone with her, and she agrees. She says that she and Steven were just talking about that, and they hang up. Trishelle runs and tells Steven what Brian said, and Steven encourages her to go on "a normal date" with Brian. Then there's a weird conversation where Trishelle accuses Steven of liking Brian too much or something and then insists that she's going to hook up with Brian and Steven is picking his feet which is kind of gross. In an interview, Steven says he just wants Trishelle to find someone who makes her happy, and that helping her do that makes him feel redeemed. What is this, Buffy with the redemption all of a sudden? In an interview, Trishelle says she feels like she should be going on more dates so that when she finally finds the guy for her, she will appreciate him.

Trishelle meets Brian in the casino. They hug and Brian gives her a single rose still in the cheap plastic wrapper from the grocery store or wherever he got it. Trishelle thanks him. Trishelle, Brian, Steven, and Gary (Steven's friend) eat lunch together. Gary asks Brian something about being from L.A. and how it makes you confident. Huh? Brian says he's from Huntington Beach, not L.A., but that he thinks going to four high schools in four years forced him to deal with different people. Somehow it comes up that Brian played volleyball in the Junior Olympics when he was younger. Trishelle says that Brian and Steven have a lot in common. Steven says that he went to a lot of high schools and also threw javelin in the Junior Olympics. In an interview, Trishelle says she compares other boys to Steven. Trishelle brings up another way in which the two men are similar. Steven seems to be enjoying this a lot. In an interview, Trishelle says that Brian doesn't know how to feel about her relationship with Steven, because he sees them joking and laughing together a lot. Steven says that he liked Brian even before he realized they were the same person. Because he's a narcissist.

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