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Breakin' The Law

Previously, on Real World: Lori says that Kevin knows she is interested, but tells her it’s not the right time. Then, he acts flirtatiously towards her, and she doesn’t understand what message he's sending. A mixed one! Run, girl! Rachel says something innocuous, and the Greenwich Village Idiot (a.k.a. Mike) makes a sexual joke out of it. Rachel says that her virginity is a constant topic of conversation in the house. Yet another reason that I'm glad I don't live there. It's bad enough that I have to think about it once a week.

Rachel walks up to the door at a bar, and the bouncer asks to see an ID. She's not 21, so she says she'll just go home. You know, when I was underage, my friends wouldn't go to bars unless we could all get in. I mean, at least one person could offer to go back home with her. Instead, we see Rachel walk off alone. In an interview, Rachel says that it's "a pain in the butt" not being able to get into the bars. Ah, I remember those days. Having a September birthday, I didn't turn 21 until my senior year of college. And it was a pain. ["I didn't turn 21 until March of my senior year. I so feel Rachel here." -- Sars] In a confessional, Rachel says that it's another Friday night, and she's sitting alone in the house when everyone else is out.

Mike, Lori, Nicole, Kevin, and Rachel are looking through Rachel's photo albums. Rachel points out one picture and says that it was taken on the way to the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Kevin asks for a "quick massage" and the Greenwich Village Idiot immediately makes it out to be a big sex thing, because he's a chump. Rachel starts rubbing Kevin's shoulder with one hand. In an interview, Lori says that she might be paranoid, but she thinks there is some sexual tension between Rachel and Kevin. I'd like to point out that this is the same interview from the first episode where Lori talked about how Kevin was a flirtatious dancer. In an interview, Rachel says she is "slightly attracted to Kevin" and that he's one of her favorite people in the house. Hmm. In the previews for the entire season, they showed that, but left out the word "slightly." Tricky. Rachel points out some guy in a picture and says she made out with him. Everyone makes a big deal about it, saying how she's not so innocent. Kevin asks if Rachel has done anything besides that. Rachel tells him it's none of his goddamn business. Okay, she doesn't, but she should. Lori looks up sharply. Rachel says, "Not much more." Mike immediately wants specifics, and asks if anyone has touched her. Rachel doesn't understand what he's getting at, so Nicole clarifies, asking if anyone has ever headed "south of the border." Ew. I would refuse to answer that question just on the basis of how it was phrased. Rachel quickly says no and goes back to rubbing Kevin's back. Kevin starts joking that Mike wants to ask if anyone ever hit "the mountains in the Midwest" or went "skiing in Colorado," on the slopes. Everyone laughs at what an idiot Mike is, really. Rachel jokes that there aren't any slopes, and that there are barely foothills. In an interview, Mike says that Rachel is not innocent at all. They cut out the part where he added, "In my fantasies." Mike and Kevin walk down the stairs and leave the apartment.

The girls (and Malik) are all talking about their most sensitive spots. Quarrel brings up her neck, and Nicole agrees. Rachel looks confused. Lori agrees with neck and ear. Quarrel says something about the back of her neck, but Lori says her spot is on the side of her neck. Nicole says that the best feeling is when someone you have a crush on touches your arm. Lori agrees, saying that all the person has to do is graze your arm, and you get a hot flash through your body. Malik just takes in all the girl talk. In an interview, Malik says that Lori is definitely someone who has sought out relationships instead of being sought after. What? Where did that come from? Oh, it's just setting up this next part. Quarrel (whose breasts, it must be said, are looking enormous in that gray camisole) says that if she has to call a guy, she feels like she's the one doing all the work and the guy isn't really interested. Lori says she will call a guy three times, and on the third call, she will leave a message saying that if she doesn't hear back, she'll take the hint that the guy isn't interested. Sounds reasonable to me. Nicole says Lori rocks because of that policy. Agreed. It's so much better than the "girl disease" (of which I have been as guilty as anyone in the past), where you sit around and wonder if he's going to call, and are afraid to leave the house in case he calls, and call his number and hang up to see if he's home. Of course, that was before Caller ID. I think Lori's assertiveness is refreshing.

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