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Body Shots

Due to the holiday weekend last week, I didn't have time to watch anything awesome, so no Most Awesome Thing this week.

Danny sits on the floor in Johanna and Lacey's room. Danny says he's been having a hard time sleeping because he's worried about his upcoming eye surgery. Lacey reassures him. Danny says he's worried that he'll look different, or his face will be uneven. Lacey assures him that won't happen. And even if it did, look at how successful Shannen Doherty has been with her wonky eye! From certain angles, she looks like a Cyclops or something. Danny interviews that he's worried about the surgery, but he knows it's necessary. Lacey asks whether he told his parents about what happened. Danny says that his dad is flying out, and adds that his dad is his best friend. I've always found it weird when people claim a parent is their best friend. Really? Your best friend? Then who serves as your parent? I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it. I just don't really get it. Danny interviews that his dad has "always been there" and "always been the rock that held us all down." Hee! There are times when I'm watching this show on Tuesday nights in order to do the recaplet that I just burst out laughing and think, "Damn, I can't wait to put that in the recap." Danny's dad as the rock that drowns his family in some way was one of those moments. Danny says that his parents are divorced and that he doesn't have a great relationship with his mother. He adds that his mom is an alcoholic, and that he doesn't see her much. He was eighteen when his parents got divorced.

Danny goes and talks to Melinda and cries that he's worried he'll be a disappointment to his dad. He says that his family doesn't dwell on things and that you're expected just to move on when something happens. Melinda promises to baby him and let him dwell on things. Does Danny think his dad will expect him just to skip the surgery and move on with his life with a crumpled eye socket? I mean, seriously. Melinda interviews that Danny would take care of her if the situation were reversed, because they have a connection. After, like, six days of knowing each other. Danny leaves to go take a Vicodin. Ooh. There's something they haven't really explored on this show -- prescription drug abuse. That might actually be interesting! For a few episodes anyway. Then the abuser would totally get better and it would never be mentioned again all season.

Wes, Lacey, Rachel, and Johanna go out to a bar. Wes and Rachel snuggle on a couch. Rachel talks about how drunk she is, and Wes says he's not that drunk. Suddenly, some girls across the room yell to Wes, "Get a prettier girl!" The camera cuts to them, and two girls are, like, really fakely laughing and pointing at Rachel. This whole scene is really bizarre. Like, it doesn't even feel set up -- it's too scripted-looking to seem set up, if that makes any sense. Anyway, Rachel interviews that it was "a hit to [her] pride." Wes goes over to confront the girls, and they claim they didn't say anything. Rachel pulls Wes away and yells back that the girls are fat. Classy. Rachel interviews that Wes standing up for her made him seem more attractive. Wes interviews that he has no attraction to Rachel at all. Heh. Wes adds that he's attracted to Johanna instead, and would love to hook up with her. In the bar, Wes gets close to Johanna and she pushes him away.

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