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Body Beautiful

Tonya tells Chris that the exchange was pretty positive. Chris says that he didn't hear any yelling. Tonya says she's not like that. Unless she has kidney stones. Tonya says that Aneesa agreed to tone down the vulgarity, but she probably shouldn't have brought up the naked thing, because it didn't go well. It didn't? That was so not a big fight. In the living room, Aneesa tells Keri that she's not allowed to be naked anymore. Oh, whatever, drama queen. Chris asks Tonya if she feels relieved. Tonya says that she likes sticking up for herself. Aneesa fills Keri in on the discussion, and says that she never asks Tonya to come and talk to her while she's taking a shit. It's always CJP, because CJP doesn't mind. She's probably fascinated. If CJP really eats as little as Tonya claimed, then she probably doesn't shit all that much. I hope I didn't just offend Tonya with my vulgarity. Tonya tells Chris that they have to live together and will need to change things a bit to maintain common ground, and that she thought Aneesa was pretty cool. Meanwhile, Aneesa is totally bitching about her in the other room. Hee.

Aneesa does dishes. CJP walks in and says that she had an orgasm last night. Everyone cheers. CJP gets herself some ice cream (Healthy Choice, though), and says that she would have sex with someone before she would let him perform oral sex. She and Aneesa agree that oral sex is more intimate. Aneesa thinks that regular sex is pretty intimate, too. Kyle looks like he wants in on this discussion but doesn't know what to say. Aneesa launches into an imitation or reference that I don't get because I'm old. CJP laughs.

CJP and Ali stand on an El platform. In an interview, CJP says that it's weird to spend time with Ali and have him be charming and loving and open with his affection. Wow, he must have been a real asshole as a boyfriend if they went out for a year and that never happened. Ali tells CJP that he will miss her. They kiss as the train arrives. On the train, CJP asks Ali what he wanted and whether this is closure. CJP thinks that it is, because she would never date him again. Ali doesn't believe it. What a jerk. In an interview, CJP says that Ali legitimately cares about her, and that it is "slightly empowering" not to be the one who hurts anymore.

CJP and Ali arrive at the airport. Hey, what's Keri doing there? I swear, they must have reused airport footage because in one shot, Keri walked by. CJP and Ali sit near the gate and talk. CJP says she's going to tell Jared that Ali was there, and that she saw him. She doesn't plan to tell Jared that she slept with Ali. Does she understand that this is being taped? Ali encourages her to be honest. In an interview, CJP says that this is the closest thing to closure that she's had. What is her obsession with closure and empowerment? CJP and Ali make out and someone yells out, "Get a room!" I think it was one of their friends because they both laugh at the person. In an interview, CJP say that she has been "grappling with a bizarre mix of utter confidence and pockets of insecurity." "Pockets"? Those must be some huge pockets. Like the pockets on cargo pants. CJP tells Ali not to call or write, but that she's glad that they're friends again. Ali walks away as CJP watches. Then, she leaves.

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