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Body Beautiful

Tonya, Theo, and Aneesa hang out in a bedroom. Theo and Aneesa start talking about a song that goes, "You cut me, and I'll cut you." They think that Tonya sings it to Justin. Tonya doesn't get it until Aneesa explains that "cut" means "fuck." Tonya says that she's not discussing her sexual relationship, and that it's private. Aneesa teases Tonya about having Justin spank her. Tonya thinks that Aneesa is perverted. She thinks that spanking is perverted? She really is sheltered. I don't even think spanking is weird enough to make it on an MTV special anymore.

Tonya says that it's disgusting the way Aneesa walks around naked all the time. In an interview, Aneesa says that there's something about being naked in your own house, and that she lives there. With roommates. Not by herself. That's the crucial difference. Aneesa walks out into the hallway with no pants on and says that sometimes a little nudity is needed. Ew. Put some clothes on. If she wants to walk around naked when she's home alone, more power to her. But when her roommates (and the cameras) are around, get a robe. In an interview, Tonya says that if they weren't offended by Aneesa's nudity, she would say something rude, because she just wants attention. Tonya is accusing someone else of being an attention whore? That's hilarious. Aneesa makes some comment about Tonya's body, and Tonya tells her to stop talking about it because it's offensive. Aneesa just laughs it off.

Tonya tells Chris that she doesn't want to confront Aneesa, but she also wants Aneesa to respect her wishes. Tonya says that she's going to talk to Aneesa about it, because she's frustrated. In an interview, Tonya says that her heart was pounding before she talked to Aneesa, because Aneesa intimidates her.

Aneesa is on the phone, so Tonya asks if she can talk to her afterward. In an interview, Aneesa says that Tonya wanted to talk to her, and she was thinking, "Oh shit." Tonya tells Aneesa that she's trying to understand her, but that she has a problem with the way that Aneesa talks about crude things constantly. Aneesa says that she was joking, and Tonya says that she knows. In an interview, Aneesa says that she gets defensive when confronted, especially when the person doing the confronting gets on her nerves. Aneesa says that she can tone it down, but it's who she is, and she won't change. If she says anything about "keeping it real," I'm shutting the tape off and quitting. In an interview, Tonya says that she likes that she always sticks up for herself. Tonya tells Aneesa that the nudity makes her uncomfortable, and that it's nothing to fight about. Aneesa doesn't understand why Tonya is uncomfortable with the human form, because it's beautiful. Oh, cram it, Aneesa. Tonya points out that when Aneesa asks them to talk to her while she wipes her ass, it's disgusting. In an interview, Aneesa says that she thought that Tonya could handle her "vulgarity," but she can't, so Aneesa will tone down the nudity. The pixellation guy in the editing booth breathes a sigh of relief. Aneesa apologizes for making Tonya uncomfortable, but says that often it has nothing to do with Tonya, so it shouldn't matter. Tonya says that she's trying to get used to it.

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