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Body Beautiful

CJP and Ali are in the bathroom, standing together in a stall. You heard me. They dub over Ali saying, "I'm going to try to keep my hands off you" and CJP saying, "Please don't." I so do not believe that those words were spoken while they were in the stall. I think they were spoken while they were walking down the street and Ali said that he would have to cross the street to avoid touching her. Anyway. They kiss. Ali asks if her zipper goes down any further. CJP says that it doesn't. I seriously can't believe that I am recapping this. When did this show turn into soft porn? Next season, I think they are going to show penetration. CJP starts moaning. Draw your own conclusions. But, ew.

Now CJP and Ali are in bed together, and they start making out. CJP sits on top of him and takes off her shirt. Then, the covers go up over their heads. So if CJP really didn't know that the bedrooms were on camera, as she has claimed in interviews, why did she pull the blankets over their heads?

CJP and Chris walk down the street. CJP says that her family called her "Chubbette" for the first twelve years of her life. So? My brother used to point at the TV anytime they showed the Goodyear blimp and say, "Kim, you're on TV!" True story. Do I burst into tears every time I see a tire? No, I don't. CJP says that she had "sixteen thighs." I think she should have looked into surgical options. In the elevator, CJP tells Chris that she associates being skinny with being happy, and "that is such a follacy...fallacy...falsehood -- false thinking." CJP goes on a bit of a manic rant about how crazy she was the night that Chris touched her, and that she's sorry about it. She's seriously talking a mile a minute here, and scaring me a bit. All BMP needs to do is edit in some trains going through a crossing, and I'd be convinced. CJP says that she gets positive reinforcement from being tiny. That is so true. I know when I was at my thinnest in college, people would say really nice things to me about how great I looked. I kind of miss that. But not enough to starve myself. CJP says that this is the closest she has come to having a distorted body image, and that she's never looked in the mirror and thought she was fat until this past week. CJP blathers on and on, but then realizes that her poor body image is correlating with the first time in her life that she hasn't had a boyfriend. Chris makes CJP repeat, "I am somebody and I am worth it." Oh, brother. I think I like Chris better when he doesn't talk. Chris tells CJP to be as selfish as she wants, because she is young and single. CJP says that she's allowed to be scared and figure herself out, because that's what her twenties are for. Whatever.

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