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Body Beautiful

After the commercial, Chris continues to look for CJP. Keri thinks that CJP is putting on an act to make Chris feel bad, or as a joke. Kyle walks in and says that CJP isn't acting. Chris finds CJP being comforted by Tonya and still sobbing. Keri asks CJP if she's okay, and she sobs, "Noooooo." Keri hugs her. Chris stands by uncertainly. The boom mike guy runs out of the shot. In an interview, Tonya says that she can relate to Tonya because she's been there, and "even when you gain two pounds, you're like, mortified." Because women without eating disorders just love to gain weight. I think that Tonya has been a little quick to slap CJP with the eating-disorder label, but then again, we've never seen CJP eat, so I don't know. The only thing that seemed vaguely disordered to me was her drooling over Kyle's cinnamon roll and then having an orgasm after allowing herself one bite. I do think that CJP has huge body-image problems, but there's a fine line between an actual eating disorder and the body issues that almost all women (unfortunately) have. Tonya tries to explain that it was just a joke. CJP says that she's gained seven pounds since she's been in Chicago, and that she knows she's overreacting, but that it doesn't make her feel any better. In an interview, Tonya says that she feels for CJP. I love how Tonya can only feel empathy for someone when she can relate it to herself. She can't possibly feel for Chris, for having struggled with coming out of the closet. Chris asks CJP what's wrong. CJP says that she weighed herself today, and that she knows it's stupid, but gaining weight is depressing. In an interview, Kyle says that he doesn't think that CJP is as happy as she seems, and that this event proves it. Chris tries to apologize and tells CJP that she's beautiful. In an interview, CJP says that she feels a little crazy and didn't think it would affect her like that. Again, get help.

CJP and Ali ride the subway or El or whatever the hell it is. CJP makes Ali feel her back, where she is allegedly fat. In an interview, CJP says that she hasn't been like this since she spent time overseas and came home fifteen pounds heavier, and she saw Ali with his new girlfriend. CJP thinks that was the most unstable she's ever been in her life. So she was worse then than she is now? That's frightening. CJP and Ali walk down the street with some random other guy, while Kyle and Keri follow behind.

They all go into a restaurant. Ali tells Kyle about running with the bulls in Pamplona, I'm assuming. What a tool. What is he, Hemingway? CJP is impressed. Of course she is. In an interview, Kyle says that Ali seems slick, but that he apparently did some bad things in the past. When even Mr. Tool is calling you a tool, you know you are in trouble. CJP tells Ali that he broke her heart, and that it's weird having him back. Ali apologizes for hurting her. Well, they said those words at some point, but we don't actually see their lips moving, so I'm guessing this was dubbed in later. Ali says, "Anyone else is just someone else, and it always feel different with you." Is it just me, or does it sound like he's talking about sex there? Here's CJP's take in an interview: "To hear Ali says things like, 'Oh, it's always been me' and to tell me I'm beautiful and sexy and especially to hear him say those things is very empowering." That right there is CJP's problem in a nutshell. A guy tells her that he likes having sex with her, and she gets confidence from that, and thinks that the guy loves her. What she should take from that is, "I'm good in bed." Or at least, "I'm not so terrible in bed that a guy doesn't want to do it with me twice." Which is not something to be ashamed of; it's just that what they say and what she hears seem to be two different things.

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