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Body Beautiful

Aneesa sits on the toilet with the stall door open and tells Tonya that she can't pee. Tonya stands there and looks at her. Walk away from the pee lady! In an interview, Tonya says that Aneesa is "rude and crude." Aneesa holds up a few squares of toilet paper and asks if she's supposed to "wipe [her] vagina with this much?" Tonya is disgusted. Aneesa asks for more toilet paper, and Tonya gives her some. Aneesa says that she could wipe her ass with the toilet paper roll or the metal thing. See, I think that's funny, and if I were there, I would probably laugh at Aneesa. But if it offended me, I would tell her to shut up and then leave the room, not hang out there and stare at her. Or tell her to shut the damn door because nobody needs to watch her pee.

Tonya talks to Justin on the phone. Tonya says that Aneesa likes the way she is, and won't change. In an interview, Tonya says that she can't stand that Aneesa walks around naked, and calls Aneesa "disgusting and revolting." Flashback of Aneesa dancing around nude. Tonya tells Justin that her silence is a tacit endorsement of Aneesa's clothing habits or lack thereof. Flashback of Aneesa walking around the house wearing only a shirt and shoes. Tonya tells Justin that she needs to deal with it, because Aneesa's not going to change. Well, I don't think it's out of line for Tonya to ask Aneesa to try to tone it down when Tonya's around. I don't know that Aneesa will do so, but I don't think it's out of line to ask.

Aneesa sits on the toilet while her roommates get ready at the sinks. She tells everyone that she needs them to be quiet so that they can hear what she's doing, and that she needs support. Oh, God. Just don't pay her any attention, because that's clearly what she wants. Tonya (clad only in a towel, so maybe she should put some clothes on as well) asks CJP why she's taking medicine. Probably because she has this disease called "None of your fucking business, Nosy Parker." CJP says that she takes antidepressants, which is nothing to be ashamed of, but it's still not Tonya's business. CJP says that she's taken them for a while, and she kind of wishes that she didn't have to. Tonya asks whether her body adjusts to them after a while. CJP says that if she doesn't take her pill by noon, she gets dizzy, and she will start crying by about 6 PM. Which is bullshit, because the way antidepressants work is that they build up in your bloodstream, and it shouldn't really have an immediate effect if you skip one. So she either needs stronger medication, or it's purely a mental thing. Tonya and CJP agree that depression is all about brain chemistry, which is true.

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