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Body Beautiful

Previously on The Real World: CJP explained that she knows that she shouldn't need others to bolster her self-esteem, but she finds that male attention is what makes her feel good about herself. Daddy issues much? CJP says that this is the first time in her life she's been without a boyfriend, and that it feels "lonely and empowering." Aneesa likes to be naked because she loves her body. Tonya feels that Aneesa is flaunting her body and that it's disrespectful. Hmm, we've never seen Tonya be pissed about that. I wonder, when they show new footage in the "Previously On" segment, if the producers think that people will just think, "Oh, I must have missed that episode" or "Oh, I must have fallen asleep for that segment." Or more likely, they just don't care.

CJP arrives home and introduces her ex-boyfriend Ali to her roommates. In an interview, CJP says that Ali is the first guy she ever loved, and that he crushed her. She calls him "the ex-boyfriend from hell" and "the one guy that you never should have dated in the first place." And she's hanging out with him why, exactly? CJP explains that Ali is in town visiting another friend, and she doesn't know how much her presence in the city had to do with his visit. CJP shows Ali around the place and introduces him to Tonya. CJP and Ali leave the loft to go to dinner. In an interview, CJP explains that they dated for a little over a year. They were friends before they dated, and then enemies after they dated, and then friends again, and now she's not sure what their status is. That sounds way too confusing. I can understand wanting to be friends with your exes, if the breakup wasn't too terrible, but this guy must really be something special to warrant this kind of attention. CJP and Ali have dinner, and make a toast to "friendship after dating." CJP and Ali walk down the street. Ali says that he's not going to touch her, and that he's going to walk on the other side of the street. I don't know why he said that. I guess we're supposed to think that he's trying very hard to resist temptation.

CJP, Kyle, and Tonya go out. CJP tells the others that she started becoming friends with Ali when she began dating Jared the Subway Guy, and that it was difficult, because Jared hates Ali. Kyle really looks like he could not care less. In an interview, CJP says that she's wanted to close the door on Ali for so long. So close it! Realize that he's an ass and move on! Closure is overrated. I think you create your own closure.

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