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Previously on The Real World: The roommates found out that their job would be writing a travel guide. Does anyone seriously want to take these people's advice on where to go in Paris? It's like page one, bars; page two, clubs; and page three, oh there might also be some cultural crap and shit, dawg. Are these really the experts we're looking for? Then Adam claimed that he breezed through school but that he has yet to conquer the world of women. Like if you have to set a goal for yourself in order to force yourself to hit on women, maybe you should rethink that whole sexuality thing. And while you're rethinking, why not mull over that hairstyle and those dance moves. Seriously.

Eiffel Tower Shot Quatorze. Adam chats up some ladies on the street. And as I say every damn season, I'm so sure these women would be talking to him if it weren't for the camera crews following him around. Adam introduces himself and then lays down his mack daddy moves thusly: "So like, so maybe are you guys free maybe this weekend, or next week?" The women assure him that next week's open, and Adam promises to call them. Adam interviews that he's twenty-three, single, and in Paris, so you have to expect him to have some interaction with ladies. Again, he sounds like he's just hitting on girls because he thinks that's what he's supposed to do, and not because he actually wants to. Montage of Adam talking to various chicks in the street. Some women ask Adam about Ace, who is standing nearby. Heh. Ace interviews that it seems like Adam didn't think he could get pretty girls in high school, so now he's trying to prove something. Adam interviews that he was very short in high school and hit puberty late. I really didn't want to think about Adam and puberty, like, ever. Adam claims, "I was attracted to women all through high school." Which seems like a weird thing to say, but then he adds, "That wouldn't give me the time of day." Adam meets some Mormon chicks and verifies that they aren't allowed to drink or smoke, and asks them to help him get into Heaven. Is this supposed to be charming? The girls giggle.

The roommates get ready to go somewhere, but I don't think it's a club this time. Chris interviews that they've been hired to write about Parisian attractions for readers between the ages of eighteen and thirty. Leah and Mallory stand by the gate and discuss the fact that they only have a week to do research for their writing, and that they've already wasted a lot of time. What in the hell else do they have to do? A week is a long time, especially when they don't really have anything else to do except hang out and drink. Adam joins the girls and asks what the odds are that they are going to be on time.

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