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Willie and Shavonda discuss Karamo's gay secret. Willie says that Karamo admitted that he's had a boyfriend in the past. Shavonda says that Karamo came out to her, and said that he tried to talk to Willie, but that Willie "wasn't really biting back." Well, maybe if he wanted to discuss it, he should have been a little less passive-aggressive about the whole thing, instead of making a throwaway comment on his way out of the room. Willie agrees with me. Shavonda thinks that things will get awkward, because MJ and Landon have no clue.

MJ offers to show Landon some pictures of Ashley. He busts out a mini-scrapbook that Ashley made him for their two-month anniversary. Shavonda looks at it too. Landon comments that making a scrapbook for the two-month anniversary is "laying it on a little thick." Yeah, kind of. They all agree that Ashley is gorgeous. MJ interviews that as long as he stays in touch with Ashley, it'll all work out. Famous last words. MJ realizes this and laughs that those words will come back to haunt him.

Sarah blow-dries MJ's shirt (who knows?) while making the sex eyes at him. Blow dryers are sexy now? It's so hard to keep up. MJ interviews that Sarah wants you to know that she's looking at you. MJ interviews that he's very sexual, but that he doesn't need to talk about it all the time. Yay! Sarah asks Shavonda if she's being too obvious that she wants to "hit that." Yes! Say yes, Shavonda! She doesn't. Sarah thinks that there is sexual tension, but that there's no hope, because she's not blonde. Sarah interviews that MJ is "drawn to the cheapest tricks in the book of what girls do to attract men." So she should have no problem hitting that. Sarah disses Ashley as pretty, but with fake blonde hair. Yeah, I hate women who alter their appearance! Like the ones who get plastic surgery. Shavonda says she's not clear on how serious MJ's relationship is. Shavonda interviews that MJ has "a kinda sorta" where "you kinda have somebody at home and they're sorta your girlfriend, but not really."

Shavonda interviews that the roommates are going out to South Street. Willie announces that he's going to hop in a cab and go to a gay club, and Sarah agrees to join him. The other girls apparently go also, leaving MJ, Landon, and Karamo together. The boys stand on a balcony or deck somewhere overlooking the street. Karamo interviews that he loves hanging out with those guys. MJ asks if the other guys would have been comfortable going to a gay bar. Karamo says he would have, and Landon says that he wouldn't have. MJ says that in the South, straight people go to straight bars, and gay people go to gay bars. No mixing! They even have separate water fountains! Millions of people across the South lobby MTV to put an asterisk on screen every time MJ speaks, denoting that MJ's opinions do not represent all Southerners. MJ interviews that he doesn't hate gays, but that he's just never been around them. Karamo tries to explain why gay bars aren't a big deal. MJ asks if Karamo has been to gay clubs, and Karamo says, "All the time." He nods and smiles, trying to help the guys get it. MJ asks, "You're not...are you homosexual?" Karamo says, "Yeah, I'm gay." The looks on Landon and MJ's faces? Priceless.

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