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At 5:00 AM, MJ and Sarah are the only two still awake. They discuss how they should go to bed. MJ asks if Sarah is a natural redhead. Wow, I didn't think she had red hair at all. I guess it's kind of strawberry blonde. MJ walks away and says that he only likes blondes, so they can be friends but not lovers. MJ interviews that he doesn't know why, but he's only attracted to blondes. MJ admits that Sarah is hot, though. Sarah interviews that she's attracted to MJ because he's made it clear that she's not his type. Ugh. Seriously. Daddy issues. Ten to one says that she has an emotionally distant or absent father.

The next morning, the roommates wake up and take showers. Ooh, they've got a shower with like six shower heads. Sarah holds a shirt up to herself, and MJ raspily says that he likes that shirt because it's "earthy." Sarah says that it's naughty, because she once had sex wearing just that shirt and pigtails. Overshare! MJ interviews that Sarah is "like a sexual predator" because "everything comes back to sex." Sarah pulls out some leg warmers, and MJ asks if she's had sex in them too. Don't encourage her! Melanie overhears the conversation and interviews that Sarah is a big flirt.

Landon and MJ go in the hot tub. MJ whispers about Sarah's dressup tendencies. Landon agrees that Sarah said she likes to walk around naked. They are both excited to see it. Sarah walks up and asks what they were saying. MJ admits that they were talking about Sarah having a lot of sex. Sarah thinks it's just part of life, which is true, but so is shitting, and I don't her her talking about that. Thank God. Sarah adds that sex is an aerobic workout. Landon yells, "If you last that long." I think Landon just revealed more about himself than he intended.

Willie gets on the computer and looks up gay clubs. Karamo wanders in to help. Karamo asks if they're all going to a gay club on Friday. Willie invites Karamo to go too, but doesn't think that Landon and MJ will come along. Karamo interviews that his sexual orientation is on a need-to-know basis. Karamo tells Willie that his ex's name is William, so he hates that name, and then walks out of the room. Willie takes a minute to catch up, and then make a hilarious reaction face.

Karamo goes into the phone room (which has a door that you can close -- how will people eavesdrop?) and calls his friend Ray. He says that he's going crazy because everyone is PC and polite. Yeah, I hate it when people are polite. That drives me crazy too. Karamo says that Willie is really effeminate, and that Karamo doesn't usually hang out with that type. Karamo interviews that Willie is "the gay roommate," because he likes to shop and carries a man purse. Karamo says that Willie has already lined up "a big gay event." Karamo interviews that he can't turn to Willie for comfort because they are so different. Karamo feels most comfortable with MJ and Landon, because they are like his friends back home, but they don't know he's gay. He hopes their relationship doesn't change when they find out he's a GAY!

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