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Shavonda interviews that Karamo was asking about her interracial relationship. Karamo said that he knew how it felt to be in a different type of relationship. Shavonda thought he meant an interracial relationship, but it turns out that Karamo is telling her that he's gay. Shavonda is shocked. Willie comes up and inserts himself in the middle of the conversation, and Shavonda and Karamo ignore him, so he leaves. Karamo interviews that it's taboo to be gay and African-American. Karamo discusses that with Shavonda, how they can date whoever or whatever and still be proud African-Americans. Shavonda interviews that Karamo asked her to keep it a secret, and she hopes that no one asks her about it.

The roommates get home and head for the hot tub. Sarah puts on a bikini and -- what in the hell is going on in between her boobs? At first, I thought it was a giant zit. Then I paused it and it looked like her sternum is broken. I called my husband in for a consultation, and he decided that she either has an alien bursting out of her chest slowly, or she has an extra kidney. I asked what he thought of her boob job, and he said, "I can't look at them because I'm disturbed by the extra kidney." So there you go. Also, for a boob job, they're kind of...saggy. I mean, I guess it makes it look more natural, but I thought one benefit of a boob job was perkiness. MJ interviews that he is a big flirt. He ogles Sarah's body and she throws something at him, like that's not exactly what she wanted him to do. In a confessional, Sarah says that there is sexual tension between her and MJ.

MJ, Landon, Sarah, Karamo, and Shavonda hang out in the hot tub. Shavonda asks whether hookups in the house are a possibility. Everyone agrees that they are a possibility. Sarah has to add that she doesn't "get weird about it," and that sometimes you are looking for comfort. She interviews that she's always been able to relate to a guy's perspective on sex. She likes to be on top? I so hate this whole "guys always want sex and women just tolerate it to get diamonds and new vacuum cleaners" mentality, because that's what it boils down to. Have sex or don't. Keep it casual or don't. It has nothing to do with gender. Sarah says that she can't go a month without it. In a confessional, MJ says that Sarah will be trouble before this is over. I hear you, brother.

Willie and Melanie sit out on the front steps. Willie says that he's getting a vibe from Karamo, and that it's weird. In a confessional, Willie says that he doesn't know what's going on there, but that it's bizarre. Melanie interviews that Karamo's not gay, and that Willie's gaydar is messed up. Willie tells Mel to watch out for it, and Mel says that Karamo is just "really friendly." Heh.

MJ jokes with Willie about giving sexy looks. In a confessional, MJ says that it's not as uncomfortable as he thought it would be. Imagine that! Gay people are...just regular people! MJ says that he and Willie respect each other, and that MJ would have Willie's back if anything happened. Karamo asks if Willie said he was gay, and Willie laughs that he didn't say it, but that it's pretty obvious. In a particularly bug-eyed interview, MJ says, "You can call it being intuitive. You can call it having a good gaydar. But I can tell whenever somebody's gay, especially if I'm living with them." Heeee hee! I love how the dude who has never met a gay person before thinks he has good gaydar. Hey, he watches Queer Eye! What? Karamo asks if Willie is afraid to label himself. Karamo interviews that he doesn't feel the need to come out until the time is right.

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