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MJ explains that Willie and Sarah will room together, Landon and MJ will room together, and then I guess Melanie, Shavonda, and Karamo are rooming together. I think it's cool that they don't split up according to gender lines, but it seems like the group in the triple kind of got boned.

Landon decides to take a shower, and Melanie walks in while he's in his underwear. She immediately walks out, apologizing. Sarah hears that there's "a naked boy," and runs to the bathroom to hump his leg or something. Sarah interviews about how horny she is. Get used to it.

Karamo comes in and checks out Willie's mattress. If you know what I mean. And I think you do. Karamo heads down to the confessional, which is in the basement, where the bank vault used to be. Karamo confesses that he knows he'll get along well with MJ. They do a shot together, and toast the future.

The roommates enjoy some cocktails as they prepare to go out on the first night. Melanie interviews that she likes everyone and she sees some "fun times" with "these crazy, crazy people." If someone seems crazy within the first few hours that you meet them? They're not fun crazy. They're "in need of medication" crazy. Sarah reveals that she has breast implants. She interviews that she's always been comfortable with her body. So comfortable that she had to alter it surgically. Willie can't believe that Sarah's boobs are fake, and squeezes them like melons while complimenting her "fierce job." The other three guys listen in while trying to pretend like they're not salivating. Karamo comes over and gives the melons a squeeze. Ripe! Landon nervously backs up against the wall as Sarah approaches him, exhorting him to touch her boobs. He knocks a picture off the wall and everyone cracks up. Sarah interviews that it's cute how nervous Landon was, and Landon interviews that he's not scared, but he was caught off-guard. Because it's not normal to go around telling strangers to squeeze your boobs on the first day you meet! It's not! Call me a prude, but it's not.

Karamo and Shavonda have a piggyback race versus MJ and Sarah. MJ loses and declares that "white guys are slow." It couldn't have anything to do with Sarah's giant fake boobs weighing them down. Landon hops on MJ's back and starts slapping his ass. Ah, frat boy hoyay. You never let me down.

In the bar, MJ wants to tell Willie something, but then stops himself. Willie interviews that he's definitely considered that one or more of his roommates might be homophobic. MJ confesses that he's never hung out with "a homosexual" before, but that it's cool. Willie says he doesn't hang out with many homosexuals either, and they laugh. In a confessional, MJ confesses that Willie is openly gay, but that it's not as bad as he feared. What exactly did he fear? That's what I don't get about homophobia. Did MJ think a gay guy would rape him or something? Or stab him with a letter opener? Or dress up like a clown and hide in his closet? Those are the only ways I can imagine a gay person being scary. Willie and MJ hug and agree to have fun together. Willie interviews that he appreciates MJ's friendship.

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