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The new credits are very slick, but they are also very reminiscent of the Saturday Night Live credits from about three seasons ago.

In case you were wondering how long the editors would wait to use the theme from Rocky, the answer is "about three minutes." The familiar music plays as we see shots of the city landscape.

MJ walks along the water and voice-overs that he is interested in diversity, since he was raised in "a small town such as Nashville." There was a lot of debate on the forums about whether or not Nashville qualifies as a small town, but I think the point is that MJ grew up in a part of it that didn't have a lot of diversity.

Landon walks up, and the two greet each other and make introductions. They notice that they look quite a bit alike, although MJ is taller. Landon interviews that he's looking for a roommate who is "a stick of dynamite" and "ready to blow" and "just wants everyone to blow up with them [sic]." I don't even know what that means. Landon and MJ discuss how it's the first time on the east coast for both of them, and that they're supposed to take the ferry to meet another one of their roommates, because what is a season opener without featuring as many forms of transportation as possible? On the ferry, MJ admits that he has a girl back home named Ashley, and interviews that there is "some emotion" there. Well, that's a ringing endorsement. I'm sure Ashley was thrilled with that one. Oh, who are we kidding. Like they're still together. Landon says that he recently ended a seven-year relationship, and then interviews that it was "a fabulous relationship, very healthy," and that he "had a lot of fun." His use of gender-neutral words and generally evasive language made me wonder if maybe he was the second gay guy in the house. He's not. But nice editing!

Sarah is at the train station. She voice-overs that she's walking away from the last five years of her life and starting something new. Willie arrives at the train station as well, and voice-overs that he hopes he "vibes with" one of his roommates, and assumes that it will be a female. Willie's on-screen text explains that he is a personal shopper, which would probably be a cool job for most people, but I kind of hate shopping. I mean, I like to go once in a while, but I wouldn't want to go every day. Although maybe it would be different if I were spending someone else's money. Willie must be doing pretty well as a personal shopper, because he has a full set of Louis Vuitton luggage. Unless it's fake. Willie and Sarah greet each other, and after a little miscommunication, they hug, and discuss how they are both excited and nervous.

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