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Back at the house, Karamo tells Shavonda what happened with the guys. MJ walks in, grinning, and Karamo explains what they were talking about. MJ says he thinks it went better than Karamo had feared, and wonders why everyone worries about him. Karamo jokes that MJ is the "Tennessee All-American redneck." Now who's dealing in stereotypes? MJ walks out. Karamo says that only time will tell how they really feel, but that it's cool so far.

Sarah sits on MJ's lap and he tells her to go to bed. Sarah interviews that she's attracted to MJ, but that she also connects to him as a friend, so she's confused. Yeah, because you couldn't possibly have a guy who's just a friend! Sarah flops into bed and tells Willie that she needs to find a guy outside the house to kiss. Willie asks if that's all she wants, and she says yes, so he accuses her of lying. Willie interviews that Sarah is very sexual, so being without sex for a few days is difficult for her. So get a vibrator. I mean, Cameran had one, for God's sake.

The next day, Landon and MJ go on a tour of Philadelphia. They see lots of sights. Landon says that he was shocked by Karamo's admission. In a confessional, Landon says that he's assuming MJ is straight. MJ interviews that if Landon comes out, he'll lose his mind. Man, that would be hilarious. They giggle about the looks on their faces. MJ interviews that Karamo has changed MJ's view of gay people forever. MJ tells Landon that he thought all gay men were like Willie, and Landon tells him to get out of Tennessee. MJ says that's the point of his being in Philadelphia.

That night, Shavonda asks MJ if he's going to the gay club with them. MJ isn't sure, but Shavonda begs him to go because Melanie will make friends and Sarah will make out with gay guys, so she won't have anyone to hang out with. Man, she has Sarah pegged. MJ interviews that Landon already told the girls they would go, so he went with it. They all get ready. MJ says it feels weird to get dressed up to go to a gay bar, and then says he knows he'll be going somewhere afterward. He realizes that made it sound like he'll be hooking up, and laughs.

The roommates are greeted by a drag queen at the door of the club. MJ says he has no idea what it will be like inside. Landon pictures leather chaps. Seriously, if you could see inside Landon and MJ's heads right now, I'm sure it would be like that episode of The Simpsons with the gay steel mill workers. ["Hot sssssssssstuff, coming through!" -- Wing Chun] MJ interviews that there was loud music and dancing, and that he saw some guys look at him, but that he brushed it off. Shavonda interviews that Landon is having a blast, drinking and dancing. Some guys come up and toast Landon for meeting two drag queens. Willie introduces some friends to MJ, who is surprised to find that they have "good firm handshakes." MJ tells Willie that he's having the most fun tonight, and before he met Willie and Karamo, it would have been weird. But now, it's great. Willie is happy MJ is having a good time, and promises that he would leave if MJ wanted to. Imagine all of the above conversations with a lot of drunken slurring.

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