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Props to lilblckrncloud for helping out Tubey by buying a banner ad that said she loves my recaps! That was awesome.

Previously on Real World: Leah thought Ace was "a hottie." Adam told Leah she didn't have "an iceberg's chance in hell with Ace." Ace told his girlfriend from home that they shouldn't "talk to" anyone else, and yet Ace realized that he was falling for Mallory. Maybe Ace should change his name to Nick. And Adam could be Skippy.

It's snowing! I was going to say how it's been so long since I've seen snow, but seriously, it was just over a month ago that we had our last snowfall in my part of the world. I know. And I live here by choice. And I don't ski. Anyway. The drunken cameramen from The Amazing Race stop by and careen around the grounds of the house. Mallory and Ace check out the snowfall. Ace says he wishes they could "walk around all romantic in the snow." He's kind of a girl. Mallory interviews that she's attracted to Ace's personality, and they've flirted, but that's as far as it's gone. Mallory and Ace play grab-ass. The other roommates appear. Simon gets the female roommates to do the classic Charlie's Angels pose while he snaps a picture. Ace says he hasn't seen snow in two years as the roommates head for the train. Where are they going? Who knows? Narrative? Story-arc? What?

On the train, Mallory tells Simon that she doesn't want anything to happen with Ace, due to Leah's feelings. Simon is wearing a bright blue fedora, and while it certainly beats Ace's chipster backwards baseball cap, it's a bit…much. Mallory protests that she really doesn't want to make Leah upset. The editors try to make it out like Leah can hear this conversation, but she totally can't. Simon interviews that Mallory likes Ace, which could cause problems in the house. Cut to Leah looking really pissed, but it's probably because Adam is sitting near her or something. Mallory says that she's not going to act on her feelings for Ace, but acknowledges that she does have feelings. Can you believe it's the third episode and Ace has already had the opportunity to hook up with two out of the three female roommates? It's got to be pheromones. Mallory's got this giant shawl wrapped around her neck and it's all fringe-y and it looks like she's trying to hide a goiter.

Apparently, the roommates rode the train around for a while and then went back home, because suddenly it's nighttime and we're back at the house. Leah is in bed. Adam sits at the kitchen table, eating his fingernails with some ketchup. That's what it looks like anyway. Suddenly, Adam is on the phone. He calls his sister and talks about his fight with Leah. Adam interviews that his sister knows him well, and will tell him when he's being a schmuck. In the course of explaining what happened, Adam says that Ace is "super-hot," which I guess is relevant to the story, but the way Adam says it cracked me up. Adam also leaves out the part where everyone knew Leah had a crush on Ace. I thought that Leah was more humiliated at being publicly reminded of Ace dissing her than upset that Adam thought she couldn't get a hot guy. Anyway, Adam's sister tells Adam that he's a schmuck, basically. Adam realizes he was in the wrong and he needs to fix it. In a confessional, Adam says that he was wrong and needs to apologize, because he'll be living with Leah for a long time. Not because it's the right thing to do, but because they have to live together.

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