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Angry Black Man

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Angry Black Man

Karamo walks down the street, and MJ sprints to catch up with him. Karamo is suddenly all fired up again. Karamo tries to explain why he's so upset, but MJ doesn't get it. MJ wants Karamo to speak in a mellow voice, but Karamo doesn't want to talk about it. MJ interviews that he doesn't think this happened because Karamo is black, which is when MJ totally lost me. That's exactly why it happened. MJ and Landon have mikes on too, and no one called them in. Karamo tries to explain that this isn't the first time this has happened. MJ asks if Karamo blows up like this every time. Karamo tries to get MJ to understand how frustrating it is, and gets angry, but he's not really yelling. MJ blows up and says that all Karamo does is run his mouth, and now MJ's pissed too. Karamo walks away sadly.

MJ and Landon catch up to Karamo, who doesn't seem interested in talking to them. He just keeps his head down and walks on. Karamo interviews that he thought MJ was on his side, because he's like Karamo's friends from home, but now he feels totally alone. MJ interviews that it's impossible to reason with Karamo because he's so angry. MJ and Landon discuss what they should do. Landon cracks me up, trying to have a very serious discussion while drunkenly slurring his words and wearing about a million Mardi Gras beads. MJ asks what they should do, and Landon advises him to walk away. MJ interviews that he wants to be there, but that Karamo won't let him.

Karamo walks in the house, and Melanie asks what happened. Karamo relates the story to Melanie and Shavonda, who are shocked, and can't believe that MJ accused Karamo of overreacting. Outside, MJ says that Karamo made a scene, and the cops told him not to make it worse. Landon says that Karamo doesn't listen, and just wants to talk. Karamo continues telling the story, and concludes with MJ walking away from him.

Landon and MJ get home. MJ asks if Karamo will listen to him now. Karamo yells that MJ walked away. Karamo wants to know how many times that situation has happened to MJ, and tries to say it in the calm voice that MJ has requested. MJ admits that it's never happened to him, and Karamo says that it's happened to him over twenty times. MJ asks why Karamo is holding that against them. Karamo says that he's not. Nice empathy there, MJ and Landon. MJ puts out his hand for Karamo to shake, but Karamo refuses. MJ interviews that Karamo makes a big deal out of situations, and that it all comes back to race.

Karamo walks outside of the house and sits on a bench, praying. In a confessional, Karamo wonders why this is happening to him so often. Sadly, the answer is probably because he's black and he lives in America, which sucks. Karamo continues praying for guidance.

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