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Angry Black Man

Karamo continues telling the story. Apparently, the cops got an anonymous tip that Karamo had a gun, and Karamo is annoyed with MJ for talking to some chick instead of helping him out. MJ is sitting fairly close to Karamo, and must be either really dumb, or really drunk, not to notice all the cops milling about. Karamo makes his way over to MJ and yells about the situation and says that he wants to go. MJ interviews that he wasn't in a big hurry to leave, because he didn't realize how big the situation was.

Once they get outside, Karamo yells to the cops that he's not going to give them any information about himself, and that he knows his rights. Some guy (the bar owner?) explains that someone probably saw Karamo's microphone pack and thought it was a gun. Karamo isn't satisfied with that explanation. Karamo asks if he's getting a ticket, and the cop yells that they're doing an investigation. Karamo can't understand what there is to investigate. He doesn't have a gun, so he kind of has a point, unless they want to investigate who made the false allegation.

MJ voice-overs that he walked outside and saw Karamo yelling at the cops, so he tried to calm Karamo down. Karamo complains that the cops took his ID, and that MJ doesn't understand what that means. MJ keeps telling Karamo to calm down, which always works well when someone is drunk and upset. Except not. Karamo says that he doesn't want to talk about this right now, and asks MJ to get Landon so that they can leave. That should be MJ's cue to split, but instead, he keeps trying to reason with Karamo, who just wants to leave and talk about it later. Karamo interviews that MJ acts like Karamo is overreacting, but that this sort of thing happens to Karamo and his friends all the time. One of the cops explains to Karamo that someone called in and gave Karamo's description, so they didn't randomly target him. Karamo calmly says that the cops are just doing their job and that he respects that. I totally understand why Karamo got upset. He's had to deal with a lot of little racist or prejudiced jabs in the house so far, and it's been building up. And now he's drunk. So now that he's got a legitimate target, he's going to blow. It's not rational, but anger rarely is, and I totally understand why he's so angry. I think MJ's best bet would be to tell Karamo that it totally sucks that the cops targeted him like that, and get him home. I don't see why MJ wants Karamo to admit that MJ is right, which seems to be what MJ wants.

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