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Angry Black Man

Shavonda tells Sarah about the money situation, and says that she wouldn't have spent the last of her money yesterday if she'd known her father was going to bail on her. Sarah responds that Shavonda is practical, which Sarah admires. Sarah says that when they invite Shavonda to dinner, they don't mind covering her, because they want her company. That's really nice of Sarah, who clearly has money to burn. Sarah interviews that it's friendship, not charity. Sarah says that the cost is minimal for the experience they have. Sarah and Shavonda hug.

Colleen calls and tells Shavonda that she and her boyfriend are going to put money in her account. Shavonda interviews that she's never met Colleen's boyfriend, and that she needs to thank him...someday. Try a thank-you note. Works like a charm. Colleen says it should hold Shavonda over, and Shavonda thanks her and hangs up. Well, that storyline is wrapped up.

MJ, Landon, and Karamo decide to go out and have some drinks. MJ talks about an after-school tutoring program he did, and how the first time he had to go to the Projects, and some guys knocked on his car window and asked why he was there, so he left. I guess the point of that story was that MJ can imagine how uncomfortable it is for Karamo in the house? I don't know. Karamo says that he doesn't want to be angry, and brings up Landon's use of the n-word, admitting that it was said jokingly. Landon doesn't get why that would be upsetting to Karamo, and interviews that Karamo thinks he's a hick, and doesn't respect him. MJ says that no one in the house is a racist, and Karamo says that he used to be. Karamo interviews that his distrust for white people has many grounds, and that he's working on changing.

Many, many drinks later, the guys have met some ladies and are dancing. Even Karamo! Someone should tell that lady that she's barking up the wrong tree, so to speak. Karamo interviews that he felt someone patting his side, and realized that he was surrounded by four cops. Karamo starts screaming to MJ to come over, and I think the music is really loud and that's why he's screaming so loudly, but since we don't hear the background noise, it immediately seems like Karamo is freaking out.

And now it's time for the Most Awesome Thing I Saw on TV Last Week. The most awesome thing I saw on TV last week was the Brady Bunch reunion special on TV Land. Not for what was said, but because there was so much unsaid. Jan and Peter clearly hate everyone else. Peter clearly hated Jenny McCarthy (the host). Jenny McCarthy kept asking questions that all of the actors had discussed and answered years ago, like, the best way to deal with those issues would have been to show a clip package or something, because the actors just got annoyed. No one wanted to mention that Robert Reed was kind of a dick to work with, although he was allegedly a nice enough guy in his personal life. Alice only got to show up for five seconds at the end, and she barely spoke. Cindy brought the mood down when she talked about how she cared for her dying parents. Really, the only interesting part that wasn't just my interpretation of the undercurrent were the many clips, which revealed to me just how much of my younger life was shaped by The Brady Bunch. I learned so many life lessons from that crazy blended family. And I still knew all of the words to the Silver Platters' songs, all these years later. And the dance moves. Which is awesome.

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