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Angry Black Man

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Angry Black Man

The phone rings, and it's Karamo's mom. She asks how it's going, and he closes the door to the phone room so that they can really talk. In the kitchen, MJ asks if Karamo's okay, and Shavonda says that Karamo is starting to shut down. MJ asks if it's his fault, and Shavonda says it's not. Karamo tells his mom that he's going crazy, and his mom tells him not to lose it, and to be a powerful black man instead of an angry black man. His mom says that it's a different environment, and that he needs to go with it. MJ whispers that Karamo might be holding things against people, or it might be that he's not with his friends from home. MJ interviews that Karamo needs a support system, and that MJ's willing to be that, if Karamo will let him. The roommates discuss the steaks they are eating, and Willie makes a sexual joke about "thick meat." Please. I'm trying to eat.

Shavonda calls her dad and fills him in on their house. She adds that they are all running out of money. So spend less. I don't have a lot of sympathy for that. You get free rent. Eat pasta or something. Shavonda interviews that she's never had money, and that she has to eat. Shavonda's dad promises to send some money when he gets paid on Friday. Shavonda interviews that she's been on her own since seventeen, and always had bills to pay. But she still asks for handouts from dad?

Shavonda tells Sarah about her childhood, which was not good. She was scared of her mother, who was physically abusive, and her father ignored the whole thing. Shavonda talks about how that affects her to this day, and that her father has never apologized for not being there, or even acknowledged it. Sarah interviews that she can't believe how great Shavonda turned out, given her background. Shavonda thinks the whole thing made her stronger, and Sarah cries.

Willie and Melanie play pool and invite Shavonda to lunch. She wants to go, but she's broke. She decides to call her dad to see if he put money in her account yet. She gets his voicemail and leaves a message. Shavonda interviews that her dad promised to help her get by until they got their jobs, and now he's avoiding her calls. Well, that's a little different if it was just supposed to be temporary, and he shouldn't have promised if he couldn't do it. But she's still too old to be taking regular handouts from her parents, in my opinion. Shavonda calls her ex-stepmom, Colleen, and complains about her father. Shavonda adds that she's used to having money of her own, and that she's frustrated and thinking about coming home. Colleen says that her boyfriend will probably loan Shavonda some money, and Shavonda says that's not the point, although she's grateful for the offer. Colleen promises to try to find Shavonda's dad and find out what's going on, and advises Shavonda not to come home. It's nice that Shavonda has one seemingly normal adult influence in her life.

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