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Angry Black Man

Presumably, we are coming in on the middle of a conversation, because I would like to think that Sarah didn't just walk up to Karamo and say the following: "Wasn't it your father the one who, like, kind of, I don't know how to phrase this...made you resent white people?" Karamo says that his father tried to educate him, and gave him books, but then didn't explain them. Karamo says that the racists of the '30s and '40s who didn't want integration and equal rights are still alive, and are the parents of his classmates, like MJ and Landon. Um, grandparents, maybe. I've got almost ten years on Karamo, and my parents weren't born until well after that. I see what he's saying -- that we're not all that far removed from the days of the Jim Crow laws and lynchings and whatnot -- but I think he would have a better argument if he talked about how racism today is more insidious and institutionalized. But that's probably too subtle an argument for this show. Plus, then he wouldn't mention Landon and MJ's names, thus setting up the rest of this story arc.

Landon plays pool and tells Karamo that when he was in kindergarten, he said the n-word on the school bus. Except that he doesn't say "n-word," and Karamo corrects him, and the editors lay in a banjo on the soundtrack, which makes the moment seem lighthearted when it's not. Landon's point was that his mother made him eat a bar of soap. Landon smirks and seemingly thinks, "Yeah, that whole soap thing clearly worked out for you." Landon interviews that he was brought up to be open-minded, because his parents aren't prejudiced. Landon proves his lack of prejudice by pulling out an "I had a black friend in college" story, to show how cool he is with other races. Sigh. Landon, please stop talking. Karamo appears to agree with me, and just keep in mind that someone like Karamo has to put up with many small instances of this type of bullshit on a daily basis. It's just ignorant. Landon says that his black friend was hilarious, because he always thought Landon was telling jokes behind his back. Karamo asks if he was, and Landon says that he wasn't. Karamo interviews that Landon makes potentially offensive comments that Karamo lets slide because he's trying to be open.

Shavonda and Karamo have a black summit in the office. Shavonda thinks that things will get better as they get closer to the other roommates. Karamo thinks that he's going to start shutting down more as time goes on. Karamo interviews that when he's away from his people, he's outside of his comfort zone, which makes him act out. Karamo tells Shavonda that he doesn't want to be the angry black man, and it sucks that he even has to think about that, because you don't see MJ and Landon having a conversation about coming off as the angry Southerner or the angry Wisconsinite or the angry whitey or whatever. Shavonda says that her father told her not to be the angry black woman, and they laugh. Karamo interviews that he knows that he can't bully anyone or cause drama.

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