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Previously, on the Real World: We start the theme of the episode off quickly (the theme being: no respect for continuity) with a clip of Melissa which has never been seen previously. She is whining on the phone to someone, saying that she doesn't know what to do. Then David says in an interview that Melissa's moods are strange. Then we get to see Melissa saying, "Time the fuck out!" and throwing the chair again, but I'm annoyed because I don't think that was an example of Melissa being strange; I think it was an example of Melissa having a warranted reaction to David's idiocy. In a confessional, Kelley says that if Melissa wants to get mad, she'll get mad. Julie adds, in a confessional, that Melissa is like a roller coaster, as she makes a helpful waving motion with her arm, for those of you who don't know what a roller coaster is. I guess probably Julie doesn't have newfangled technology like roller coasters or tilt-a-whirls in Provo, or Delafield, or the planet Neptune, which is where I'm convinced she grew up. Melissa shows her bloomers to the crowd in a bar, which was far from the worst thing she's done in public, and you'd think if they wanted to show how "crazy" she is, they would have used the footage of her stripping, holding dollar bills to her chest. In a confessional, Melissa says she is sad sometimes and happy sometimes.

So, this was mentioned in the forums, and it reminded me that I keep meaning to mention it in the recap. During the last bit of the opening credits, when the entire cast is dancing to the Dixieland-style band, Julie is not only wearing a ridiculous outfit, but her dancing style is scarily reminiscent of Elaine on Seinfeld. Did Matt give her dance lessons before the shoot?

The episode begins with some creepy electronic music, just to set the mood. I'm guessing they couldn't get the rights to "Crazy" by Patsy Cline or "Virtual Insanity" by Jamiroquai. Whatever happened to Jamiroquai anyway? He seemed like such a nice boy with that crazy hat and the Stevie Wonder rip-off vocals. We see the confessional, empty, and then suddenly Melissa is in it. But it's not the "current" Melissa -- it's the Melissa of about five episodes ago, with long hair. She's looking sad, and confused. Then they cut to the empty confessional again. Sad Melissa. Empty confessional. Confused Melissa. Empty confessional. What the fuck was that? I think someone has been watching too many Jim Jarmusch films or something. Longhaired Melissa is back, and she says that things in her life aren't always great, and that she's learned to cope with problems by suppressing them. Melissa and Kelley are watching a tape of Melissa's audition video. In a confessional, Melissa says that she is always laughing about her problems and making other people laugh about them, without ever really exposing the problem.

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