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Amaya's Last Stand

Now they show the same phone call from last week. I mean, Annoying is talking to her friend Pam and she's wearing the exact same boobalicious sweater, and Colin is wearing the same clothes, so it must be the same call -- which took place before she and Colin went to Kauai together. But they pretend like it happened afterwards. Anyway, Annoying tells Pam that she stood up to Colin. Pam asks what Colin did that was so irritating -- grabbed her breasts? Huh? Where did that come from? Annoying says that Colin makes her feel stupid and she called him on it and he got mad and she doesn't care. Again. How many times have we heard this tonight?

Teck, Annoying and Wonder Bread are going skydiving. Annoying gets instructions and admits to a fear of heights. They all jump out of the plane. WB makes the "surf's up" gesture AGAIN! I hate him. Annoying says that her jump made her think about her life. Teck says Annoying's cool because she takes risks and isn't chicken. Annoying says she's realized that there is a lot out there for her and that she shouldn't be down on herself. Since I'm usually so mean, I will say that while skydiving and in the interview they showed afterward, Annoying looked really pretty and happy. So there.

Annoying is sitting on the wall, writing a letter to Colin. She reads it to us: "It seems like we're constantly moving in circles. We'll be great for a while, then things turn to shit again. I'm so tired of this. I know you understand what this feels like. As I came down, looking at the earth below me, I realized I don't need you. I don't even want you. Don't try to hook up. Me." I hope that was just the highlights, because it didn't make a lot of sense. And again, haven't we heard this before? As she walks in the house, Annoying tells us that she and Colin no longer have a romantic relationship, and she has no desire to be romantic with Colin. All right, already! She puts the note on his bed. Oh thank God that's over.

Next week: Ruthie's back and she brings her new girlfriend: Teck's stripper friend Malo! It's not clear whether they mean girlfriend as in pal or girlfriend as in lover. Regardless, Teck thinks she is just there "to get at Teck money," as he puts it. Over the credits, we see Teck and a bunch of women again.

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