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Amaya's Last Stand

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Amaya's Last Stand

All the remaining housemates want to have a house meeting but Tetanus Girl is on the phone with Ruthie, telling her about India. Gee, don't rub it in or anything that she didn't get to go. WB tells us that no one knows what is up with Ruthie. Tetanus Girl tells us that she tried to find out while on the phone, but no luck.

Tetanus Girl, Wonder Bread and Colin are in the van. A lot of this show took place in the van, I'm noticing. Tetanus Girl relays that Ruthie met a stripper who knows Teck. It turns out that after Teck and Ruthie had their showdown the night she broke the glass, Teck went to this stripper's house. Wonder Bread tells us, "Ruthie enjoys strippers and nightclub queens. Teck enjoys strippers and nightclub queens. Mix that together and you're going to get two roommates at each other's throats." When he said nightclub queens, I thought he meant drag queens. Also, this is another example of a confessional that was probably filmed later and inserted here to seem like foreshadowing.

Tetanus Girl and Teck lie on a bed and talk about Ruthie. Tetanus Girl tells Teck that Ruthie met that stripper. We flash back to Teck calling Ruthie a bitch over and over again. Wow, they didn't show that in the original episode, did they? I remember feeling a little sympathy for Teck, when really he was kind of mean. Teck says after that he went to Malo's house. Tetanus Girl tells us that Teck has described this woman as crazy in the past, and she could have a malevolent agenda. Again, faux foreshadowing. Teck says he has to get married because he doesn't want a woman to be his downfall. Like most of what Teck says, that doesn't make sense in any way possible. Then he says, "What goes around, comes around. If you put out that you're a butthole, you'll get buttholes coming by you." Who is the butthole in this scenario?

Ruthie is on the phone with WB and, of course, he's wearing that green shirt. She tells him she's coming back to the house on Friday or Saturday. I never thought I'd say this, but thank God. I can't take much more of Annoying and Colin. WB says he feels the same way: "I welcome Ruthie's wild presence to stir things up." Ruthie tells WB not to say anything to Teck about her coming home. WB promises not to, and Ruthie says she's heard his promises before. WB says his heart was in the right place. Whatever.

Annoying is sitting on the wall by the ocean as Colin prepares to go out surfing. They don't acknowledge one another in any way. In a confessional, Annoying tells us that she doesn't want or need Colin, and that she's tired of him.

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