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Amaya's Last Stand

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Amaya's Last Stand

Wonder Bread and Tetanus Girl are having one of WB's famous lunches to talk about another housemate behind his or her back. In this case, they are discussing Annoying's continued abuse by Colin. Wonder Bread starts out: "She can take constant...ah, constant..." and Tetanus Girl fills in "berating," which isn't really the right word, but it works. Basically, they discuss how Annoying just laughs it off when Colin is mean to her, but then comes and complains about it to them. You didn't think they really cared about her, did you? They are just sick of hearing her whine. Wonder Bread tries to pretend differently, when he says, "I can't have one of my housemates constantly the butt of jokes", to which I say, "Fine, then I'll make jokes about all of them."

Wonder Bread and Tetanus Girl are having a little intervention with Annoying in the kitchen. Wonder Bread tells her that Colin "dishes on her" and then five minutes later, she forgives him. Annoying says she's used to it, and that it's made her a forgiving person, which is dumb. Tetanus Girl says, "You have to be forgiving if you're being dished on." Okay, I was willing to let it slide once, but I have to comment. I have never heard someone using "dished" to mean "made fun of" or "yelled at". Dissed? Sure. I would've even accepted "dishes it out". But "dished on" is not acceptable, and I really wish they would stop saying it.

In a confessional, Tetanus Girl tells us that Annoying "feels caught and takes whatever angle she can because she's really, really needy." I want to point out that the first part of that sentence doesn't make any sense and I think the editors just put it in for the second part. WB and Tet Girl tell Annoying that she doesn't respect herself. WB says he respects her intelligence (and that makes one of us). He continues, "I will never say 'Amaya's not intelligent' but I will say 'Amaya doesn't have strength as a character. She doesn't stand up for herself.' Quite often, you walk through life weak, foolish, and feeble." Hey, that was kinda mean. Annoying tears up and tells us in a confessional that she wanted to be challenged, but maybe she's not as strong as she thought she was. She tells her roommates: "I am really, really tired of being walked on, and I am really, really tired of you all not thinking I'm a smart person." Wonder Bread says he's glad that she is at a point where she's tired of it and that she's seeing it. He tells her to just do it and show people that it's not going to happen anymore. Annoying says she's tired of being insignificant, or thought of as insignificant, and she's going to make a change. Is anyone else humming "Man In the Mirror"?

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