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Amaya's Last Stand

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Amaya's Last Stand

Previously, on The Real World: Colin and Annoying had a weekend away together, but it definitely was not romantic. Teck brought home a skank and Wonder Bread popped a boner. Wonder Bread asked Ruthie if and when she is moving back into the house.

Colin is on the phone with his friend Trevor, and he once again uses the phrase "musical chairs of roommates" [sic] which is not really grammatically correct, and wasn't that funny the first five times he said it last week. Colin says that now that Justin's gone, he can move into the bottom bunk. Annoying, who is sitting next to him and totally eavesdropping on his phone conversation, says that she is going to move into his bedroom. Colin says she's not. She says she is. Repeat ad nauseum, and I mean that literally. Colin says he deserves a single room because he got stuck with the top bunk for so long. They fight some more and then Annoying mumbles about what a brat Colin is. I don't think he's really a brat for not wanting her to move in. But they didn't ask me. They should have! Annoying follows Colin into the kitchen, and asks him seriously if she can move into the room and he yells, "I was joking! God!" and then says she can move in. I didn't think he was joking at all -- I think he just said yes to get her off his back. In a confessional, Annoying tells us that "sometimes you have to be a little more dramatic to get your way in life". I would've never guessed that was her philosophy of life. Annoying immediately starts scoping out the room to figure out how they can divide up the shelf space and Colin looks like he immediately regrets having caved in.

That night, Annoying is sleeping in the top bunk and Colin is sleeping in the bottom bunk (but for how long? Annoying is sleeping with a Teletubby. Oh for cripes' sake. I don't have a problem with someone over the age of 4 actually owning a Teletubby. ["Good." -- Wing Chun] But sleeping with it? Colin tries to grab it from her because it's making a really annoying noise, and she practically starts crying. Yeah, this sleeping arrangement is going to work out really well. After he turns out the light, she starts badgering him to "kiss her bunny". She means her stuffed bunny, of course. I think. In a confessional, Colin tells us that he constantly has to tell Annoying no, and that she takes it as him being "mean". He makes the quotation marks with his fingers. To prove his point, we see Annoying tell Colin he's being mean. He says it's too hot in the room, and she replies that he's too hot in the room. Oh, brother. Thank God this season is almost over.

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