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Previously on The Real World: Frank was disgusted by Steven, Brynn, and Trishelle's threeway in the tub. This did not, of course, prevent him from sitting there and watching the whole thing. Brynn didn't find their job very important, and it pissed Irulan off. Arissa was disgusted when Alton hooked up with a woman in the bathtub, and yet she's another one who sat and watched the threesome happen in said tub a few weeks earlier. I guess roommate sex cooties are okay, but outsider cooties are not.

The song on the soundtrack talks about "living in a galaxy of hookers, pimps, and thieves." Frank and Steven are at a strip club. Strippers surround them, and I'm sure the cameras have nothing to do with that. In an interview, Steven says that he doesn't think Frank has ever been to a strip club. In an interview, Frank says that he can't appreciate the strip club for what it is, and instead tries to make friends with the strippers. So why is he there, again? One of the strippers starts to give Frank a lap dance, and Frank pushes her away and points her in Steven's direction. In an interview, Frank says that it's "so hard to find a good girl in Las Vegas." First of all, how does he know none of the strippers is a good girl? I'm guessing Frank's definition of "good girl" doesn't include a girl who likes sex. Well, I'm sure he's going to find a "good girl" in the bars and strip clubs where we've seen him so far.

Trishelle asks Frank about his mom. Frank says that his mom is "the Church Lady." That is so disturbing on so many levels. Frank says that his mom has pampered him, but also taught him a lot. Well, isn't that special? Arissa says that Frank is fucked, because he will never find a wife who measures up to his mother. Frank thinks he will. In a confessional, Frank says that he wants a "girl" who "is really nice and likes cooking [him] dinner and likes taking care of [him]." That's not a wife. That's a maid. Also, "girl"? Try "woman." Frank bugs me. Steven points out the irony of religious Frank dragging Steven to strip clubs. Wait, Frank dragged Steven to the strip club? And then bitched about how he didn't enjoy it and couldn't find any nice girls there?

The roommates meet with Marc from Rain, who announces that the theme of their next party is Lust. In an interview, Frank explains that they have to put on two skits for the party. Oh, it's the Halloween celebration in Chicago all over again! Except without scary Kyle, the classically trained actor. Marc says that since their skits include licking whipped cream off each other and spanking, they need to remember that it's a nightclub, not a gentleman's club. Yes, I'm sure it will be only tasteful licking and restrained spanking. The fuck? Irulan says that she can't participate, so she'll be the photographer. In an interview, Steven says that it's "a big cop-out." Irulan says that she doesn't want to be degraded or exploited, because it makes her feel bad about herself. And while I appreciate her point, wasn't she the one grinding all over Alton on national television a few weeks back? I don't really see the difference. And way to insult all of your roommates and tell them that they are being degraded if they do this, by the way. Marc says that the roommates chose the theme and the skits, so they have to do it. In an interview, Trishelle says that they don't work well as a team. Marc reminds them to promote the party well. In an interview, Brynn says that she hates promoting and would rather not do it at all. If only that worked in real life (i.e. not Brynn World). I really hate writing recaplets, so I'm just not going to do it anymore. I'll still get paid, though. Right, Wing? That's not a problem? Also, writing these recaps makes me feel bad about myself, so I just can't do it. But I still want to get paid. I know. I'm fired. See? You do the work that you were contracted to do if you want to get paid. ["Plus writing these recaps makes you feel great about yourself." -- Wing Chun]

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