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Adam's Romantic Woes

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Adam's Romantic Woes

Adam and the girls arrive at the house. Adam asks Cyril, Chris's friend, to introduce the girls to everyone. Who in the hell is Cyril, and where did he come from? And how does he know everyone well enough to introduce them in Adam's place? Adam scoots upstairs. CT greets the ladies at the door. Adam lies in his bed and pretends to sleep. Lamyae goes and finds Mallory and Leah, who are happy to see her. They are going out to a club.

Adam is still in bed. The roommates start gathering outside the house. CT asks if Adam is going with them. Lamyae says she doesn't know. CT interviews that they are going into Paris to find some bars. Lamyae and Islane go up to Adam's room and ask if he's going with them. Adam says that he's too tired. Lamyae and Islane take off. I think he wanted them to beg him to come along. Then there's a black and white montage of the best of Adam and Lamyae, which doesn't last very long, since we first saw her about twenty-five minutes ago. In a confessional, Adam says he wishes that he'd met Lamyae at a different time, when he was more ready for a relationship. Or in some alternate universe, where she actually liked him.

Next week: The roommates go to a strip club. Mallory is disgusted. Ace thinks she's jealous.

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