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Adam's Romantic Woes

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Adam's Romantic Woes

Adam is still on the phone with Lamyae. Adam tries to say that it's not his party. Lamyae thinks it's CT's party. Adam says that he won't be able to talk to her at the party, and that he's going to go to bed. He tells her that she can come talk to everyone else, but that he won't be around. Dude, just tell her not to come! Say it's work-related. This is so annoying. Lamyae is all happy and giggling, and asks what time she should come. Adam affects a mock-French accent while he tells her to come around 10:00 PM.

Leah says that they should just throw the cherry tomatoes on top of the salad instead of cutting them. Mallory agrees. Christina lists the food on the menu. They have a salad, gnocchi, summer pasta, and various wines. Is there any protein on the menu? Maybe Brice is a vegetarian. Ace walks into the kitchen and asks why the women are getting all stressed out. Fuck off, Ace. Leah says that they've been cleaning, cooking, and shopping for the last two days, with no help. Ace says he can't help them cook, unless they want grilled cheese sandwiches. Mallory interviews that she's glad they had at least one night where they took full advantage of the house.

Brice and David arrive. Brice catches sight of the house, and says that he's not paying them next week. Christina interviews that they're having the boss over for dinner, and that she thinks it's the right thing to do. David gives them a bottle of wine. Brice takes a tour of the house. He asks if they did a lot of cleaning, and they say that they did. Brice takes pictures of the roommates. Someone busts out champagne. Brice says that he was in the office looking at things, and that he found a piece of paper. Leah gasps. Brice unfolds it and reveals that it says, "Brice is salty today!" Apparently, Christina wrote it down one day while they were on a conference call with Brice, for her roommates to see. That's hilarious. Brice asks what day it was, and apologizes for being salty. They all toast.

The roommates serve the food buffet-style. One plate holds the limpest asparagus stalks I've ever seen, and there are, like, ten of them total for twelve people. They all sit in a room I've never seen before, and eat. CT interviews that inviting David and Brice over for dinner was a nice gesture, and that the girls really went out of their way. Brice makes a toast to the hostesses for doing such a great job.

Lamyae and a friend (Islane, not that it matters) arrive at the house. Adam goes out and greets them, even though he totally wants them out of there. Adam uses his weird French-accented English to explain that it's difficult for him to make plans ahead of time. Lamyae keeps calling him a jerk and laughing. Adam says, "I'll jerk you, you dumb girl," and then kisses her cheek. Lamyae is, like, three inches taller than Adam. Lamyae and Islane talk to each other in French. Adam asks what they are saying. Lamyae tells Islane that Adam is a liar and a crazy man. Adam starts to retort, but then stops himself. Lamyae adds that Adam follows Ace around like a dog. Glad to know I'm not the only one who noticed that. Although, if I were Adam, I would tell Lamyae and Islane to turn around and go home, because if they came over to insult me, they can just leave right now. Adam says it's not funny. Lamyae says she thinks it's true. Lamyae tries to tell Adam that she's joking. Adam says she said that she wasn't. Lamyae snuggles up to Adam and tries to make up, but Adam isn't having it. Lamyae starts to say something else, and giggles, and then changes her mind. In a confessional, Adam says that Lamyae and Islane were picking on him, and that he didn't want to talk anyone or do anything, so he just went to sleep.

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