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Adam's Romantic Woes

CT talks to Lamyae on the phone, for some reason. Lamyae asks what time the dinner starts. CT asks her to wait a minute. He puts down the phone and yells to ask Adam why Lamyae is asking him what time the dinner starts. Adam doesn't know. CT says he saw Lamyae yesterday and told her about the dinner. So maybe that's why she's asking you? Adam tries to explain to Lamyae that CT was confused. She's not giving him a break, and insists that she should come to the dinner. Why does she want to come? This episode is so confusing. In a confessional, Adam says that CT apparently invited Lamyae to the dinner, and that he can't believe CT didn't run it by him. Lamyae says she doesn't understand what's happening. Adam says it's difficult because they don't have enough food. Adam asks Christina if they have enough food. She says she's only cooking for twelve people. Yeah, bread and flowers only stretch so far. Lamyae says she thinks Adam has changed. Adam sighs dramatically. Just tell her she can't come! In a few weeks, you're never going to see her again. Who cares? Adam voice-overs that he wants to see Lamyae, but not right now. Lamyae thinks that Adam doesn't enjoy her company. Adam denies it. Lamyae keeps babbling about something and Adam silently curses. What is he getting so upset about? I have so many questions.

And now it's time for the Most Awesome Thing I Saw On TV Last Week. The most awesome thing I saw on TV last week was actually a movie, but it was on HBO, so I guess it counts. It was the film adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis's novel, The Rules of Attraction. Let me just say straight off that the movie is terrible. I'm not sure how it happened, but Roger Avary managed to take a film that was filled with sex and drugs and still make it boring. Anyway, it's awesome because it stars Dawson! And he does bad, bad things. So instead of listing the plot, which is stupid, I'm just going to tell you all the awesome things you can see Dawson do if you watch this movie. I highly suggest recording it, and then just fast-forwarding to the Dawson scenes. Dawson drinks whiskey straight from the bottle! Dawson has sex! Dawson drives a motorcycle! Dawson looks angry! Dawson sells drugs! Dawson hangs out in his underwear and adjusts his package! Dawson takes a shit! Dawson picks his nose! Dawson says, "Rock and roll!" And he says it on two separate occasions. Dawson kisses a boy! Dawson masturbates while listening to "Afternoon Delight"! Dawson has sex with Mary Camden while 'shrooming! And then later, Dawson punches Mary Camden right in the nose! So all of that was awesome.

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