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Adam's Romantic Woes

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Adam's Romantic Woes

In a confessional, Adam says that Lamyae didn't really understand the first time he told her that he hooked up with Ashley. Adam and Lamyae have a conversation in their room, but all we see is the closed door. Adam tries to explain what happened with Ashley. Lamyae says that if she knew about it, she never would have come to the hotel, and that she can't believe he would hook up with someone else so quickly. Adam interviews that he would never lie to a girl about seeing other people. Lamyae says that she and Adam were on a break, so he can do what he wants. Okay, Ross Gellar. Adam has nothing to say.

Adam talks to his roommates on the train. He tells them that Lamyae didn't understand what he was saying when he first told her about Ashley. Ace laughs and remembers how Adam thought Lamyae was so agreeable. Adam says he didn't realize that Lamyae was breaking up with him. So what did he think was happening? And again, I can't understand why he's putting himself through this much misery for a woman he barely knows and isn't sure he likes. Ace asks what Lamyae said when she figured out that Adam hooked up with someone else. Adam says that Lamyae couldn't believe how easy it was for him to hook up with someone else. The roommates laugh. Christina assures Adam that he did nothing wrong, and then they all laugh again at how Adam thought she was easygoing, when really she didn't understand what he was saying.

Back at the house, Leah and Mallory discuss the menu for the dinner with Brice and David. Mallory interviews that it's fun to plan the dinner. They plan for twelve people, although I'm not sure where that number came from. Leah is worried that they don't have wine or champagne glasses. Whatever. Just use regular glasses for the wine. Who's going to judge you? Leah interviews that it's a lot of work to put on a dinner. It is a lot of work. Just imagine that some people do it while also holding down a full-time job and having other obligations as well! Leah says that a lot of the markets are closed on Sunday, so they have to do all of their food shopping today.

Leah, Mallory, and Christina go food shopping. They pick out some lettuce at an open-air market. Christina tries to pick up a lobster and then freaks out when she realizes that it's still alive. Christina interviews that she's really looking forward to having guests to their house. The ladies walk home, carrying their groceries. All I see them carrying are flowers and bread. That's quite a menu.

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