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Adam's Romantic Woes

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Adam's Romantic Woes

The next day, Adam calls some girl named Ashley and asks if she's going out tonight. Ashley doesn't know. Adam suggests that they meet up for a drink, and Ashley agrees. In a confessional, Adam says he's not sure how he feels about Lamyae, so he's going to hang out with some other girls to get some perspective. Adam goes out. They show a couple making out on the street that I totally thought was Ace and Mallory. The guy looked so much like Ace. Suddenly, Ashley and Adam are back at the house. In a confessional, Adam says that Ashley is from California, and that she's cute. Ashley and Adam head up to his room. Adam makes the bed, and then they just start making out. Well, that was quick. Adam pushes Ashley down on the bed, and then pulls the duvet over them. Then there's some moaning and I'm totally grossed out. Plus, all the lights are on. I can't imagine having sex with Adam (ew!) but if I absolutely had to, I'd at least want to do it in the dark.

The next morning, Adam escorts Ashley to the train station. She says that he doesn't have to wait with her. In other words, he should get lost. Adam voice-overs that hooking up with Ashley was "a last-ditch effort" to convince himself that he's not in a relationship. Ashley's train arrives, and she can't get on it fast enough. Adam hugs her and then says that he'll email her when he gets back to California. He tries to make tentative plans to visit her in Santa Barbara, but she is totally uninterested. Ashley laughs and says, "We'll figure it out." She thanks her lucky stars that the train is pulling away. In a confessional, Adam says that he's not over Lamyae. "Over" her? Did they even break up? And if so, wasn't it a few days ago, at most?

Back at the house, Adam calls Lamyae. He says that he has to go to a hotel, but that he'd like to see her before he goes. In a confessional, Adam says that he vacillates between wanting to be with Lamyae and not wanting to be with her, and that she can tell. So don't be with her. It doesn't seem like they have a great time together, they have no physical relationship, they live in different continents -- what's the appeal? Lamyae says that she'll see him that night. Adam agrees and hangs up.

Eiffel Tower Shot Cinquante-Deux. The roommates go to their hotel. Christina interviews that the assignment was for them all to stay in one hotel. They check in. CT suggests that Christina lie on one side of him and Mallory on the other to create a sandwich. The girls laugh at him. Adam lets Lamyae into his room. He asks if she wants to sleep or go play Monopoly. She wants to sleep. Adam leaves the door to the balcony open because it's hot. Adam goes to see what the other roommates are doing. They're just lying around, as usual. Adam says that Lamyae is sleeping, and that he's not physically tired, but that he's mentally drained. Adam tells everyone that he hooked up with Ashley the night before, and that he thinks he should be happy about it, but he's not. He says that he told Lamyae about it. Christina covers her mouth, like, "Oh, shit! He told her?" Adam says that Lamyae didn't get mad, and that it made him want her even more. Adam needs serious counseling.

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