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Adam's Romantic Woes

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Adam's Romantic Woes

Brice leads a meeting at the office. He tells the roommates that they are going to review five hotels. Four will be budget hotels. All seven of them need to make a reservation and stay in the fifth hotel. Christina interviews that she's "totally down with" staying in a hotel, and that she thinks the assignment will be "a cakewalk."

The roommates arrive at one of the budget hotels. Brice explains that they will look at two or three rooms. Adam asks if they should normally ask to see two or three rooms when reviewing hotels. David explains that they should, so that they can recommend specific rooms for travelers to stay in. Simon interviews that going to a hotel and looking around gives you a feel for the place. The roommates look around the hotel. Leah compliments the terrace, but Adam thinks it's "an unnecessary luxury." Leah is excited that when they all stay in a hotel, they will get to sleep in real beds instead of futons. They sleep on futons? I guess the futons are up on platforms. I was wondering why they were so high off the ground. Brice is surprised that they sleep on futons. Leah asks why he hasn't been to their house, and Brice says he was waiting to be invited, and that he would love to see it. Leah interviews that they are inviting David and Brice over for dinner to say thanks.

Ace and Adam play pool. Ace asks if there's anything to do besides play pool. I don't know. You're only in Paris. I'm sure there might be a few things that you haven't seen. If by "a few things," you mean "practically everything." Adam invites Ace to go to dinner with him and Lamyae, and Ace says he doesn't really want to go. Heh. Adam says that he's going to fall for Lamyae. Ace advises Adam just to have fun and hang out. Adam says that they talked about it and agreed to see other people. Adam says that he and Lamyae aren't sleeping together, but if they were, Adam wouldn't want to sleep with anyone else. In a confessional, Adam says that his frustration might come from the fact that they don't have a physical relationship. Dude, she doesn't like you. She's only there for the cameras. I'm not saying that people have to have sex right away, but if she hasn't brought up any religious or moral reasons why she won't sleep with Adam, it's probably because she's not attracted to him, but she wants him to keep calling. In my experience, anyway.

Adam dances with Lamyae at a club. Lamyae tells him that she's been thinking about them, and that she thinks he just wants to have fun and not a relationship. Except her English is a lot more broken, but that's the gist. Adam says that they're young and they should have fun, and that he doesn't want a girlfriend in Paris, because he won't be there long. He adds that he likes her very much. Lamyae seems to agree. Adam interviews that neither of them wants a commitment. Outside the club, Adam and Lamyae kiss and hug. Adam says goodbye to Lamyae's friend Othman, and then Lamyae and Othman leave. Adam walks off alone.

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