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Adam's Romantic Woes

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Adam's Romantic Woes

Eiffel Tower Shot Cinquante. Adam walks into the house with two women, one of whom is named Lamyae. She's blonde and tall. The other one kind of looks like Amélie, and she's totally staring at the camera as they walk in, but we never do learn what her name is. I think her name is "Friend That Lamyae Brought Along in Case Adam Totally Sucked and They Needed an Excuse to Bail." Adam introduces Christina to Lamyae, and suddenly there's another blonde woman there that I totally didn't see before. They're multiplying! In a confessional, Christina says that Adam is "a pimp" and that "he brings new girls in here all the time." Still not getting Adam's attractiveness.

Montage of Adam and Lamyae rubbing up on each other. In one scene, Lamyae is lying on Adam's lap in a club, and he's scrunching her belly with his hand. I imagine he's pretending to make her belly button talk, like in that episode of Seinfeld. Heeeelllllllooooo! Then there are a bunch of shots of Adam and Lamyae kissing. Ew! Adam interviews that Lamyae is German, and that she speaks French and German, but that she doesn't speak English that well. The nerve! God forbid that Adam should learn a few phrases in French, seeing as how he's in France and all.

Adam, Lamyae, and Ace (Hi, Ace!) pile into a cab. Ace asks Lamyae what she's studying. She says that she's studying tourism. Ace and Adam crack up. What's wrong with studying tourism? Besides the fact that the travel industry is suffering a bit because of the ubiquity of online booking and all. But it's a legitimate major. Sorry, Mr. "Grandma Bought Me a Bar" and Mr. "Living Off My Father's Royalty Checks." Ace jokes that Lamyae will probably make about ten dollars a year. Man, I thought I missed Ace, but now that he's back, I kind of wish he would go away again.

Eiffel Tower Shot Cinquante et Un. They're still in the cab, so I'm not sure why there was a cut to the Eiffel Tower in there. Lamyae says that she wants to open a travel agency. Adam says that he'll use Lamyae's travel agency. Ace interviews that he doesn't know what's going on with Lamyae and Adam, so he stays out of it. Adam starts telling Lamyae that she's lucky he doesn't bite her face, and starts kissing her cheek. Lamyae thinks this is sweet, but I don't get why someone threatening to bite your face is endearing. It's all very Hannibal Lecter.

Back at the house, Adam and Lamyae get ready for bed. Adam interviews that he feels like he and Lamyae are getting closer to a relationship. Adam gets into bed and says, "She's so hot, I just want to take her clothes off." Who is he talking about? Lamyae is right there. Why wouldn't he say, "You're so hot. I just want to take your clothes off." I'm so confused. Adam hugs Lamyae and pulls the covers over their heads. Lamyae giggles, "Clothes off? Never!" Adam goes, "Never?" and stops kissing her. Yeah, if she won't get naked, just dump her ass right now! Adam interviews that he needs a really good physical relationship. They continue making out, and Lamyae keeps saying, "No, no, no!" but she's laughing, so I guess she's kidding around. When I saw the previews for this episode, I kind of thought she was going to accuse Adam of acquaintance rape or something.

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