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A Matter of Trust

Previously, on the Real World: Once again, due to MTV starting the show moments before the stated start time, I missed the first few minutes. Hey, I had to make the choice between seeing this, or taping the last few minutes of a previously unaired episode of Freaks and Geeks. I think I made the right decision. Besides, if you want to know what happened last week, go read the recap.

So the show starts out with the roommates participating in a drum circle in South Africa. Well, all except Jamie, who was given an exemption due to his lack of rhythm, as exhibited when he was doing the Electric Slide during Mardi Gras. He gets a video camera to tape the proceedings. In an interview, David says that this trip is giving him a lot of firsts, like his first jam session in South Africa. A promo for the Video Music Awards pops up on the screen, because apparently there aren't enough commercials during this show, so they have to add some more during the actual episode. In an interview, Jamie says that David is extremely moody, like one day he's "Hilarious Guy," and the next day, you'd think he was going to blow up. Wasn't Hilarious Guy the forgotten member of the League of Justice? The drumming is over, and David says, "That was fuuuuuun." Then he thanks the leader and hugs him. Then he says, "That was fuuuuun!" again, in case we didn't get it the first time. I wonder if David enjoyed it?

Now, the roommates are at some sort of cookout. Julie and David are sitting at a table alone. Julie tells David that sometimes he's quiet and sometimes he's sad. David replies, "Sometimes I run. Sometimes I hide. Sometimes I'm scared of you. But all I really want is to hold you tight, treat you right, be with you day and night. Baby, all I need is time." Okay, so Britney Spears really said that. But I wouldn't put it past David to say it. Anyway, Julie goes on to say that she can't figure him out, and wonders if this is the David they are "going to grow to love" or if he's "having traumas." I think the word "trauma" is used entirely too much on this show. A trauma is an earthquake, or both of your parents getting killed in a car accident or something, not David throwing temper tantrums over a flat tire. In an interview we've seen a million times, David says that there "is distance between the roommates" and himself. David responds to Julie by laughing and saying he doesn't think he has traumas. I think he has head traumas, but that's a different story. In an interview, David says he either gives you his all, or gives you nothing, and it's hard for him to trust. I wish he would give us nothing, as in leave the show forever. David tells Julie that he's "a complex person," and that he's complex even to himself. Julie says we are all complex to each other, and that's the beauty. David pontificates that he makes it really hard for himself. In an interview, David says that he wants to be close, but it's a challenge. Back at the table, David is talking about how he stubbed his toe. Julie interrupts his fascinating tale to say that it's called "internal conflict: self versus self" and that we all have it. Thank you, Julie, for pointing out that David is not nearly as complex as he thinks he is, or at least that he's no more complex than your average human being. While Julie was talking, the promo for the Video Music Awards JUST disappeared. That's how long it was on the screen. How annoying. Anyway, David snaps that he wasn't asking for a class, he was just answering her question. He says that he makes his life very difficult, and that's the way he likes it, but it's "almost a bittersweet combination." I think about how much I would rather be listening to Big Head Todd and the Monsters sing "Bittersweet" than watching this show. But duty calls.

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