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A Long Walk Off a Short Pier

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A Long Walk Off a Short Pier

After the commercial break, Kyle is still in the hot tub, mumbling to himself. He does the sign of the cross as he exits the hot tub. So he was praying? In the hot tub? Well, I guess God really is everywhere. Kyle walks into a bedroom, where Keri waits alone, in bed. He tells her that he's going to sleep upstairs. In an interview, Kyle says something stupid to the effect that it's more difficult than ever to deal with Keri now. Nicole broke up with him! Who cares what she thinks? In an interview, Keri says that she knows that Kyle likes her, but that he's confused. They hug and kiss before Kyle heads upstairs.

Kyle's dad drops them all off at the loft. That was a short trip. Kurt prepares to leave, and offers Chris a ride home from work. Chris wonders if Kurt is offering a ride of a different kind, and Kurt laughs and says that it's an offer.

Chris is starting a job as a bartender at Crobar, and he voices over that he's unsure about being behind the bar again now that he's sober. I'll say. That seems like a lot of temptation. In an interview, Kyle expresses doubts over whether Chris being a bartender is the best idea. Chris tells one of his co-workers that he doesn't drink at all. In an interview, Chris says that he did feel some pressure to drink, but that's all in the past. Then there is, like, five minutes of footage of Chris making drinks, like, when did this episode turn into Cocktail? In an interview, Chris says that Kurt is there watching him, and that it makes him feel uncomfortable. Kurt offers again to give Chris a ride home, and Chris says that he's tired and just wants to go right home. Kurt pretends that he just wants to go to sleep too, and won't try any funny business.

That night, Chris talks to Tonya about his problems with Kurt. Chris complains that Kurt asked him about ten or fifteen times whether he could give him a ride home, and it made Chris feel pressured. In an interview, Chris says that Kurt wants to settle down, and that he wants more than Chris can give him. Tonya asks Chris whether he's been upfront. Chris says that it's difficult, because he doesn't want to hurt Kurt's feelings.

Kyle and Keri lie in the oval doorway bed. I don't think that they know there is a camera mounted in the ceiling. I would just assume that I was being filmed every moment that I was in the loft, and most moments that I wasn't. Keri says that it's a lot cooler in that room, and Kyle tells her that she should sleep there. Keri invites him to get some blankets and do some stuff under the covers. Kyle asks why she would want that, and Keri says that she had a good time doing that with him the other night. Kyle enjoyed it, too. Kyle asks if Keri knows what it would be like without restrictions and cameras. Yeah, they totally don't know that they are being filmed right now. Keri says that they would be "like jackrabbits on steroids" and would have to stay in bed because they wouldn't be able to walk. Kyle laughs. More proof that Kyle doesn't really care about Nicole's feelings -- he's just trying to protect his own image. In an interview, Kyle says that they are "very touchy-feely friends." Then we see black and white footage of Kyle lying on top of Keri, kissing her and rubbing his body against her. It is the unsexiest thing that I have ever seen. I'm not sure what pleasure Keri is getting out of that situation. Kyle stands up and walks away, trying to hide his erection, and Keri looks frustrated.

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