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A Kiss Is Still A Kiss

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A Kiss Is Still A Kiss
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The opening montage, instead of just having streetlights, lampposts, and people walking to and fro, contains footage of some people protesting the war in Iraq. At the house, Danny is busy holding a napkin to his bad eye. Couldn't he get a patch or something? How does he accomplish anything with one hand constantly clutching gauze or whatever to his eye? Lacey looks through a scrapbook of Rachel's Adventures in Iraq, which seems like kind of a weird thing to collect photos about, and Rachel explains that, in some pictures, she was in Saddam's palace in Baghdad. Rachel interviews that she wants her roommates to know about her service, so that they will understand her. Danny asks what happens if you get caught having sex with other soldiers. Rachel says that she did, but doesn't offer further details yet. Rachel interviews that her boyfriend, Erik, is still in the army and is stationed at Fort Drum. Hey, that's right near me! I don't know why I found that so exciting. Watertown, in the house! Rachel says that her punishment for having sex was to guard the roof for five nights in a row.

Rachel, Johanna, Melinda, and Nehemiah are out having a meal somewhere. Rachel relates how they didn't have any juice in Iraq, so they use to put Skittles in water and make a sort of fruit water. That actually sounds...pretty gross. I think I'd rather just have water. Nehemiah says it sounds like what people in jail have to do, and Melinda interrupts that people in jail have it made. Really? They have it made? She's such an idiot. She offers up as evidence that they have internet access, libraries, and gyms. Yeah, and violence, rape, and that whole lack-of-freedom thing. Nehemiah tells Melinda that she's an idiot. Rachel thinks that being deployed is a lot worse than being in jail, and her evidence is that she dug a hole and shit in it. So do people who are camping. I mean, this whole thing is a dumb argument, because it's not a zero sum game. Both going to prison and being deployed can suck equally, and it's not as if one sucks more, the other somehow sucks less.

Nehemiah sits quietly while Rachel goes on and on about shitting in a hole. He interviews that he's sick of hearing Rachel brag about her deployment, because he's against war, and he feels the need to tell her that. I don't know what he hopes to accomplish. Nehemiah says that Rachel signed up for war, and that people don't ask to go to jail. Rachel says that people in jail committed a crime, and Nehemiah points out that not all of them did. Rachel is convinced that deployment is worse than jail. Rachel interviews that it's difficult to come from somewhere where people shared her experiences and end up somewhere where no one understands her. Yes, because everyone else in the house grew up together and all did exactly the same things, so they have shared experiences. Nehemiah says that maybe they should ask someone who went to jail and also served in Iraq, and that seems to end the argument. Although if he hates war so much, you'd think he'd be in total agreement that serving in a war sucks, instead of the opposite.

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