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2 Punk Rock 4 This: The Real World San Diego Reunion

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2 Punk Rock 4 This: The Real World San Diego Reunion

Vanessa welcomes us to the show, and who the hell is Vanessa? I mean, I had heard of La La before she hosted, but I have never seen this chick in my life. She introduces the roommates, all of whom look exactly the same except for Robin, Charlie, and Frankie. Robin's hair is a lot longer and a lot blonder. Charlie's skin has cleared up and his hair looks less greasy. Frankie. Oh, dear. Frankie is either wearing a wig, or she has dyed her hair black with gray, magenta, and blue highlights. And she's cut those really short bangs that very, very few people can pull off. And she's wearing a leopard-print pillbox hat. And a leopard-print choker. She's trying so hard that she's practically sweating. I'll just say at the top that this is going to be difficult to recap because they all talk over each other constantly, but I'll do my best!

Vanessa opens by asking what it's like for them to be back together. They all say it's natural and that there's a good vibe. Frankie says that it's comfortable, despite the fact that it will shortly be revealed that everyone kind of hates her.

Vanessa introduces a clip package of hookups. We get to see Cameran and Brad in the bathroom, Andrea's visit, the camping hookup, and the kiss in the hot tub. Vanessa asks if it ever went further than making out. Cameran swears that it didn't. Brad says that it was a difficult situation, but doesn't explain further. Vanessa asks specifically about the bathroom incident, and Cameran explains that she peed in the toilet while Brad peed in the trashcan. Classy. Cameran says that she didn't think Brad would try to hook up with her in there. Frankie says that they all thought something was going down. Brad says it wasn't a big deal because he didn't "pull it out." Randy thinks that peeing in front of someone is more intimate than kissing. Word, Randy. Vanessa asks if it was weird to hang out with Brad's girlfriend. Cameran says she tried to think of Andrea as "just some ho" and Brad tells her that it's harsh. Brad says that he and Andrea are actually not even friends now, due to the show and some things he found out when he got home. Way to out her as a cheater on national television, Brad.

Vanessa introduces the Randy and Robin clip package. We see them shower together, the infamous "Boom! Bazooka Joe!" incident, Robin fighting with Randy in a cab, and Robin drunkenly falling out of bed. Vanessa asks what in the hell the Bazooka Joe thing means. Randy says that he thought they could have private conversations if a camera wasn't there, so they were trying to talk about their relationship without triggering the appearance of a camera person. And they referred to the camera person as "Bazooka Joe" and that's what he was talking about. That actually makes a lot more sense than anything I came up with, so I'll buy it. Robin says that they just cuddled all the time. Randy says that they were compatible, and Robin adds that she went psycho. They both accept responsibility for what happened, and then hug. Where is the yelling and screaming? These people are way too functional for this show. Vanessa asks if Robin and Mike are still together. Robin says that Mike's been in Iraq since February and asks everyone to pray for him, and adds that she and Mike have stayed in contact. Brad adds that Mike was a great guy, and Robin refers to him as "the eighth roommate" before realizing that it would be ninth now. Charlie cracks, "Mike got more airtime than I did," and everyone laughs. Because it's true.

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