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Yes, Sir...I Mean, Yes, Ma'am!

Previously on the Challenge: the Road Rules team won two missions in a row. James thought that sent a "message to the Real World team that [the Road Rulers] kick a nasty bite." "Kick a nasty bite"? That's not even a mixed metaphor -- that's just wrong.

On the bus, Laterrian, James, and Christian discuss the fact that they're still behind the Real World team financially. Laterrian hates that the first challenge was worth "twenty Gs." Then he does some math to show that, after they win today, they'll have won the same number of missions as their opponents, but will still be behind in dollar terms. Just go with it. James proposes that they win the "next five." In an interview, James says that the other team will have to sit back and watch his team slowly take the lead. James really wants to win. I don't know if you have gotten that from the previous eight episodes. James likes winning.

On the other bus, Rebecca tells Dan that she and Kameelah feel like losers. Dan is wearing a really ugly aqua t-shirt with yellow shorts. Good Lord. And a backwards baseball cap. Wasn't he a model at one point? You would think he would have learned something about a little concept I like to call "matching clothes." In an interview, Kameelah says that she's not used to rejection. Rebecca and Kameelah sit at a table in a hotel lobby somewhere. Rebecca jokes that it's the "loser table," and giggles a lot. I think she's been drinking. Kameelah sits at the table with her head in her hand as she voice-overs that her team really needs to win this time.

As a sidebar, how annoying is it that every week, the producers feel the need to remind us that each team wants to win? It's a competition for money. I think we all assume that both teams want to win, and that frequently, the team that wins is not necessarily the team that wants it more. Instead, it's the team with the member with a specialized skill -- like Christian with the skating, or James with the wrestling. If this were a whining competition, the Real World team would win on Julie's skills alone -- although James would probably help to keep the race close. Anyway, I think at this point, halfway through the season, we understand that both teams want to win.

It's time for the clue. It's Msaada! She's using some very strange radio deejay voice or something. Then again, I've barely heard her talk, since she was barely on her season. She talks about something being "substandard" (the show? I'm just guessing) and then ranks on James for "scoping out the competition" (i.e. Rebecca). James is all, "What?" and Rebecca blushes. That is the only reference to their "relationship" in this entire episode. Everyone speculates that they will be underwater in a submarine. James reads the message from the cell phone, which tells them to go to a Naval submarine base. In an interview, James babbles some more about how much he wants to lose. I mean, win. I was really expecting him to talk about how much he wants to lose. The producers threw me for a loop there. Christian is also excited about the mission.

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