Real World - Road Rules Challenge
Wrestling With the Past

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Wrestling With the Past

Julie has red hair again. Christian found a picture of Ayanna in the bus somewhere, and he took it to the mall and got it framed, and he's going to send it to her. Julie is wearing a silver glittery cowboy hat. In an interview, Julie says that there's a reason why Ayanna had to leave the trip. Um, because she attacked Christian? That's my guess. Julie also thinks there is a reason why she got kicked out of school. My guess for that one is because she lived with boys. Maybe she's being more philosophical than me, though. Julie says, "What is going on is for the best."

The buses drive down the highway while what Pamie would call "strummy strummy la-la" music plays. But there are no previews for the next episode. What's up with that?

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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