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Wrestling With the Past

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Wrestling With the Past

Jamie, Dan, and Rebecca discuss what the hell Julie's problem is. Jamie says that he thinks Julie is mad at him for being psyched that she got kicked out of school, but he can't help it, because he thinks it's for the best. Rebecca says that it's his opinion, and that it might be the best for "the life that [Jamie wants] to lead, but for her, she might have a different recipe." Do you think I could get that stitched on a pillow?

Julie cleans the mud off her face. In an interview, Jamie looks like Danny Zuko or something with his bouffant hairstyle. Anyway, Jamie thinks that Julie is justifiably upset, but she will get through this, but "not without tears." Well, that's for damn sure.

Julie and Jamie walk down the street. Jamie tries to tell her that you have to realize that negative feelings might be about something else. In an interview, Julie suddenly has red hair and says that she's not ashamed of having emotions. She's only ashamed when they get out of control.

Full moon. Julie lies on the bus and talks to James. Julie babbles about how things happen for a reason, so Ayanna must have left for a reason. James looks amused the whole time Julie is talking, like he's about to burst out laughing.

The next day, Christian answers a cell phone on the bus. Christian tells them that it's their new cast member. James repeats that in an interview, and adds that she's giving them clues to her hidden location. James reads something about a "cherry tree" and a "public garden." We see all the members of both teams (except Julie) walking through Boston. Julie is sleeping on the bus. We aren't given any explanation for that -- I don't know if she refused to go, or if she was just asleep.

The phone rings again. The new cast member says, "Fire's a-blazing. It's not too late. Have Kameelah and Syrus help end the debate." Kameelah realizes that she must be at the Firehouse, where they lived during their season of Real World.

Cut to the Firehouse. Julie sleeps on the bus some more. The cast members walk up to the Firehouse carrying large pieces of yellow posterboard for some reason. They greet Suzy, from Road Rules: Australia. Suzy has gotten a haircut, and looks disturbingly like Reese Witherspoon. Emily gives her a big hug. Suzy hugs a couple of other people. In an interview, Christian says they are all happy to have Suzy join the team. Julie -- still sleeping, in case you were wondering. Suzy spots the bus with all the pictures, and Dan advises her not to get her picture on there. In an interview, Suzy tells us that it's "a little nerve-racking" to be the new girl, since the team has already bonded, plus there was the "situation with Ayanna." I notice that Rebecca and James are walking together, so I guess they're still an item, although you wouldn't know it from the last two episodes.

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