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Wrestling With the Past

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Wrestling With the Past

The Road Rules team exits their bus, walking past the picture of Ayanna on the side. Do we have to see that every time? Christian talks to Julie, telling her that they don't hate Ayanna and that "this is not black and white." Julie just nods but doesn't say anything. We see some footage of Ayanna and Julie laughing (that happened after the incident, by the way) while the music says, "Now you're living lies. They changed the rules without telling you. Wake up!" Julie tells Christian that his team has the problem. I think she's trying to say…oh, who cares? She just sucks.

Back at the team meeting (that they just walked out of a minute ago -- I told you the timeline was messed up), Emily asks if they are a team or a group of five individuals. In an interview, Michelle says that "it sucks that Ayanna's gone," but that they need to focus on feeling like a team while "remembering Ayanna and respecting her." She's not dead! Geez. Michelle points out that they have to move on and not dwell on it.

Everyone gathers to listen to the next clue. The voice on the clue is Chris, from Road Rules: Europe, so he makes sure to give Michelle a shout-out. He says something about being sticky and Michelle shaking her pom-poms. Rebecca looks half-dead. In an interview, Emily says that she thinks they'll be stripping. James talks about people throwing money at their sweaty bodies, and stuff will stick to it. You wish, James.

Julie says that she's "isolated from the group" because she "lives [her] life differently than they do." Because they're sane and she's not? That's the only thing that I can think of. In an interview, Syrrhosis makes a guest appearance for about the third time this season, saying that one person can mess up a group dynamic. Thanks for stopping by, dude.

The buses pull up to a club named Axis. Julie shows off how upset she is about Ayanna's departure by leaning out the window and making faces at the screaming hordes gathered outside. Some guy comes onto the bus with a bunch of equipment. He tells them to get the equipment loaded and be inside in ten minutes. My, he's bossy. A woman does the same thing on the Road Rules bus, but she's a little nicer about it. Have I mentioned that the Extreme Bars del Fuego are back? The outfits they have to wear are spandex, and that's about all I have to say about that. For now.

The two teams enter the bar to wild screams. In an interview, Michelle tells us that they'll be wrestling, but they "don't know with who, and [they] don't know in what." The bossy guy from earlier explains that it's the same deal as last year. One member from each team goes up onstage. One of them spins a big wheel, which will tell them who they have to wrestle. The winning team gets, as usual, $10,000. Julie is wearing a bizarre pair of white sunglasses. She says that she doesn't want the other team to win without Ayanna. I am now officially rooting for Road Rules.

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