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Wrestling With the Past

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Wrestling With the Past

Julie yells at Jamie that she's upset because she's the only person there who cares that Ayanna is leaving. Julie thinks they should have all banded together to make Ayanna stay. Julie, does it mean anything to you that pretty much all of the people who actually witnessed the incident in question have no problem with Ayanna leaving? That the people who actually spent time with your "friend" Ayanna have no problem with her leaving? Oh, why do I bother? Jamie says that he's trying to toughen Julie up so that she doesn't "cry at the drop of a hat." Julie says, "Fuck you!" to Jamie twice. Wow, next thing you know, she's going to down a Mountain Dew or something. She's about to go off the deep end.

The timeline of this schedule is all messed up, or more messed up than usual. When Julie and Jamie were talking, the bus was moving, but now Julie is on the Road Rules bus, so they must have stopped at some point. Anyway, Julie runs into Emily and says that she can't believe what is happening. Emily's all, "Whaaaaa?" as any normal person would be. Emily asks Julie what she's talking about, and Julie says that she's talking about, "Ayanna, your teammate." Emily suddenly gets really busy doing something very important that prevents her from talking to the crazy lady.

In an interview, Julie says that "technically, it's none of [her] business." Oh, how I wish she had stopped there. But she went on and on about how she's trying to organize some boycott, because no one else will. Back on the bus, Emily tells Julie that it's "out of [their] control," but Julie doesn't think that it is. In an interview, Michelle says that her team didn't appreciate Julie coming onto their bus and telling them what to do. Julie brats, "I just think it's loyalty, and to me there's no loyalty on this bus." Then she stomps off. Okay, I've been holding off because I'm afraid that once I start, I won't be able to stop. But SHUT UP, JULIE!

In an interview from last week, Christian says that he doesn't want Ayanna to leave. The Road Rules team has a meeting. Christian asks if they want Ayanna to come back. He thinks that they could, as a team, refuse to go on. In an interview, Emily says that Christian shouldn't feel guilty because he didn't cause Ayanna's outburst. Word, Emily. I like that Emily. In the meeting, Emily points out that Ayanna refused to take responsibility, and that she broke a rule and got punished. James says something really convoluted, but I think that he was trying to say that Christian is the nicest guy on the bus, and there's no way the incident was his fault. James adds that in "two or three weeks," Ayanna would have hit him. Michelle agrees that Ayanna was "a ticking time bomb." Well, I don't know about all that. She was no Stephen from Seattle or anything. Laterrian says that Ayanna knew that she was wrong, but wouldn't admit it. In an interview, Christian says that the group wouldn't stand up for Ayanna because it would be hard for the team to continue with Ayanna being a part of it.

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