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Wrestling With the Past

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Wrestling With the Past

Previously on the Challenge: the editors put in a lot of footage of thunder and lightning to create more drama, as if it was necessary in an episode that saw Ayanna (allegedly) attack Christian. Michelle told the group that Ayanna didn't think what she did was wrong. The producers make an appearance and tell Ayanna she's being sent home. Julie refuses to let Ayanna go, like it's her damn business. Sigh. This episode is annoying me already, and we've just reached the credits.

A shot of Julie through the bus window, shaking her head. She's on a cell phone. Since they can't get any more shots of Ayanna, they resort to showing her picture on the bus. So lame. As if we, the viewers, are like, "Who? Oh! Thanks for the picture! That makes this whole thing make so much more sense." Julie was apparently calling Ayanna on the phone, as we hear Julie asking Ayanna when she's leaving. Julie tells Ayanna that they have a "stupid mission" and that she doesn't need to be "on this stupid bus." As Julie turns, we see the shackles that are forcing her to stay on the bus. Oh, wait. Except that we don't.

In an interview, Julie cries (get used to it) and says that she wants Ayanna to be there so that Julie can "get to know her more." Seriously, I think that Julie is way more upset about this than Ayanna was. I hope part of the reward on their next mission is a magazine rack, because Julie needs one to hold all of her issues.

Julie wears some jeans from 1993 as she yells at Jamie to not talk to her. I say 1993 because they are very distressed, with big holes in the knees. Remember when that was cool? Remember when you could buy jeans that were pre-ripped for you? Ah, those were the days. Anyway, Julie informs Jamie that Ayanna is not coming back. Jamie says that he wants Julie to be happy. Julie thinks that telling her she's fucked up is not the best way to go about it. Julie is "upset that [her] friend is leaving," and Jamie is telling her that she's reacting "wrong." Okay, first of all, since when was Ayanna her friend? That's what's killing me about all this -- they never hung out. They were on different teams. I don't think we ever saw the two of them even have a conversation. Anyway, Julie's crying again. In an interview, Julie says she feels for Ayanna because Ayanna got kicked out for doing something she doesn't regret, and that's what happened to Julie with BYU. I thought we were done with the BYU issue. Good Lord.

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